ATC Semitec is the UK’s leading distributor of thermal components working with world leading innovative suppliers in the NTC Thermistor, Platinum RTD and Thermostat industries. With our in-depth technical knowledge we support engineers across a wide range of industries with their NPD or product upgrades.

PEPI products
SEKI range of thermostats available from ATC Semitec
Sefuse range of resettable fuses available from ATC Semitec.
Semifuse range of PTC resettable fuses available from ATC Semitec
Matsuo range of precision thermostats available from ATC Semitec
ATc Semitec UK's leading thermal component distributor.
Range of Campini thermostats re available from ATC Semitec


ATC Semitec has over 25 years’ expertise supporting engineers across the world with their temperature sensing and thermal management solutions. Our close customer relationships are built on trust coupled to in-depth technical knowledge achieved through extensive long-term product development programmes with our world leading suppliers.

Our experience will ensure that the very best thermal protection solutions are available for you products. Off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions, we can provide full support from initial design to production.

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Energy efficient fast response temperature sensors for HVAC applications

April 11, 2024

ATC Semitec stock a comprehensive range of robust and cost-effective temperature sensors which are widely used across the HVAC market. […]

High Precision Temperature Sensing Assemblies

April 5, 2024

When fast, accurate temperature sensing is required, ATC Semitec have a wide range of versatile NTC temperature sensor assemblies to choose from.

Semitec FT Series – The Future In Temperature Sensing

January 6, 2023

As one of the world’s thinnest temperature sensors, the Semitec FT outperforms similar products due to their miniature size, exceptionally fast response time and high heat resistance.  

New In-Flow Coolant Temperature Sensors

December 6, 2022

Now available from ATC Semitec are the new TKS inline coolant sensors, which offer a neat temperature monitoring solution for cooling […]

High Integrity IP68 Encapsulated RTD Temperature Sensors

December 6, 2022

E-motors within E-V’s, HEV’s and other commercial vehicles are being run at increasingly high temperatures, and therefore engineers require sensors […]

Ultra-thin, flexible Thermistor for fast surface temperature sensing especially in tight spots

November 24, 2022

Truly versatile the Semitec JT ultra-thin NTC Thermistor is widely used across the world in many diverse industries from wearable […]

Essential Temperature Monitoring for Batteries

April 28, 2022

        In the e-vehicle battery market, battery system designers are under increasing pressure to maximise the conflicting requirements of size, […]

Battery Thermal Protection at a your finger tips

April 1, 2022

Our new 8 page brochure provides engineers with a quick and easy guide to our temperature sensors and thermal protection […]

Accurate Temperature Sensors for Home Heat Recovery Systems

March 10, 2021

Whole house heat recovery ventilation systems are just one of the many ways in which consumers are looking to become […]

Sensors for Extreme Temperature Conditions

February 18, 2021

Reliable thermal protection is critical for machinery or equipment that is operating at extreme temperatures.  Failure at either very high […]

Logic Fuse Protection for Li-Ion Battery Packs

August 14, 2020

Safe operation is the top priority for Li-ion batteries. While conventional current fuses only offer protection against high current incidents, […]

Very Fast Response Temperature Sensors

August 9, 2018

ATC Semitec have recently launched some very fast responding immersion temperature sensors (Tc<1s)  ideal for use in gas boilers, electric […]

Smaller, Faster, More Responsive

August 9, 2018

ATC Semitec’s robust glass-bead NT-4 series of thermistors have very high heat resistance and are highly sensitive, making them ideal […]

Semitec F Micro Miniature Temperature Sensors

August 9, 2018

SeMitec’s Fmicro miniature thermistor sensor has been traditionally designed for use within medical applications, but ideal for the emerging wearable […]

SMD PTCs for Automotive Industry

August 9, 2018

ATC Semitec now offers a range of automotive grade SMD NTC thermistors for highly accurate temperature control and monitoring in […]

Superior Miniature Battery Protection

August 9, 2018

SCHOTT have released a miniature range of battery protection devices for use with Li-Ion cells & other battery technologies. SEREB® […]

Surface Mount Ring Temperature sensors -E-Vehicle market

May 10, 2019

ATC Semitec is supporting engineers within the UK’s dynamic E-Vehicle sector, with its STS2 series surface mount ring temperature sensors. […]