SEFUSE Thermal Fuses

SEFUSE thermal fuses from Schott Corporation are one-time, non-resettable, temperature-sensitive devices that provides ultimate thermal protection in electrical or electronic circuits.  These one-shot thermal fuses (a.k.a. thermal links or thermal cutoffs / tcos) are mainly defined by their temperature setting but also by their current rating, which is the maximum continuous current that can be applied.  They are primarily designed to protect consumer domestic appliances from overheating, by cutting off the electrical circuit before thermal runaway can occur.

Thermal fuses are low-cost simple protection devices that have to be replaced once they have blown, they cannot be reset.  Thus using a thermal fuse is ideal for thermally protecting small household appliances such as rice cookers, coffee machines, electric irons, hair straighteners, hair stylers, refrigerators and fan heaters.  They are also commonly used to protect rechargeable battery packs, battery chargers, power supplies and automotive applications such as AC clutches, fan speed dropper resistors and solenoids.

SEFUSE thermal cut-offs are highly reliable, offering a range of temperature ratings from 70°C to 240°C whilst handling loads up to 15A/250VAC.  Our thermal fuses carry all major agency approvals such as BEAB, UL, CSA, VDE (to the latest IEC 60 691/EN 60 691 standards) helping you to speed your own product approval accordingly.

Schott SEFUSE thermal fuses offer a simple cost-effective solution for thermal temperature management with a wide range of operating temperature to choose for your application/ project requirements.

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  • Small body fuse- Fast response time
    SEFUSE SF-R One Shot Thermal Fuse

    The SEFUSE SF-R thermal fuse is the smallest 15A rated one-shot fuse available worldwide.  It has replaced the larger SF-E type but still has the same contact rating and settings up to 240deg.C.

    • Smaller fuse body; 4 x 8.5mm long – faster response time
    • Temperature range; 70°C to 240°C
    • 15A/250VAC Contact Rating
  • Small body fuse- reliable thermal fuse - in stock
    SEFUSE SFH-R Ultra Reliable One Shot Thermal Fuses

    Ultra reliable one-shot thermal fuse, preventing electrical appliances from catching fire due to overheating.  The polymer-based pellet is less susceptible to premature aging.

    • Small fuse body: 4 x 8.5mm
    • Temperature range: 110°C to 176°C
    • Contact rating: 15A/250VAC
  • Protection for batteries, electric motors and transformers
    SEFUSE SM-A Ceramic One Shot Thermal Fuses

    The SM-A is a general purpose one shot thermal fuse, using a fusible alloy inside a ceramic case.  Batteries, electric motors, transformers and solenoids all benefit from fitting this safety fuse.

    • Isolated Ceramic Fuse Body: 2.5 x 9mm long
    • Temperature Range: 72°C to 225°C
    • Maximum Rating: 2A/250VAC (also 50VDC ratings)
  • SCHOTT Sefuse range of thermal fuses - ATC Semitec
    SEFUSE SM-B Small Ceramic Thermal Fuses

    The SM-B has a smaller ceramic fuse body compared to our SM-A thermal fuse, with a neat ceramic case encapsulating the fusible alloy.  Suitable for the smallest of coil winding applications.

    • Ceramic Fuse body: 2 x 6mm
    • Temperature range: 92°C to 225°C
    • Rating: 1A/250VAC (also 50VDC ratings)
  • Wide range of SCHOTT Sefuse thermal fuses I ATC Semitec
    SEFUSE SM-G Smallest Ceramic Thermal Fuses

    Our SM-G series thermal fuse is the smallest available worldwide.  Because of its insulated case, the SM-G one time fuse can be applied directly to where it will be most effective.

    • Smallest 1.6mm diameter, one shot thermal fuse
    • Temp range; 110°C to 225°C
    • Rating: 0.5A/250VAC (5A/50VDC)
  • Wide range of SCHOTT Sefuse thermal fuses : ATC Semitec
    SEFUSE SF-K Slim Thermal Fuses

    The SEFUSE SF-K one-shot thermal fuse is the smallest of our metal-body fuses.  It uses a eutectic thermal pellet as its temperature sensing element which melts at its predetermined setting.

    • Slim metal fuse body: 3 x 7.5mm
    • Temperature range: 70°C to 214°C
    • Rating: 6A/250VAC
  • SCHO protectionTT Sefuse battery fuses for overcharge
    SEFUSE D6S Ultra Thin SMD Battery Logic Fuse

    Schott SEFUSE D6S series battery logic fuses provide valuable overcharge and over-current protection, making them ideal for the protection of Li-ion battery packs.

    • Miniature space-saving surface mount logic fuse with built-in resistor
    • Ultra-thin format; E.g. the D6SC is less than 1mm thick with a 3mm x 4mm land area
    • Ratings: 12A, 15A, 22A, 30A, 45A and 60A versions available
  • SCHOTT SEREB Miniature Self-Hold Battery Protectors

    Schott’s SEREB series is a range of self-hold, miniature battery protection devices for use with Li-ion cells and other battery technologies.  Responds to both over-current and over-temperature conditions.

    • Self-latching protector – will not auto-reset whilst fault is present
    • Only 1.05 mm thick x 11.4mm long
    • 4 calibrations available from 72°C to 85°C