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ATC Semitec is the UK’s leading distributor of thermal components working with world leading innovative suppliers in the NTC thermistor, platinum RTD and thermostat industries, supporting engineers across a wide range of industries with their NPD or product upgrades

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Welcome to ATC Semitec

With over 20 years’ experience in the thermal controls industry, and with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation you can feel confident that you are working with a team of engineers with extensive product and market knowledge. We work with you to help design in the most suitable temperature sensor or safety component for your industrial or domestic product application.

About Us

ATC Semitec offer an extensive range of innovative thermal products which are used across a wide range of products and market sectors. Using a combination of our technical expertise and comprehensive product ranges from our world leading manufacturers, we can find you the optimal solution to your temperature sensor and thermal safety requirements. Our ranges include – Semitec’s NTC thermistors and thermistor sensors provide high accuracy temperature sensing and control for electronic and programmable thermostats. PEPI thermal cut-outs and Asahi thermostats offer cost-effective temperature control or over temperature protection whereas Matsuo’s long-life precision thermostats bridge the gap between electronic temperature controllers and simple mechanical thermostats. Reliable circuit protection is provided by NEC Sefuse thermal fuses, TKS PTC Thermistors and Semifuse PTC fuses.  Constant current is supplied via Semitec CRD current limiting diodes and current surges controlled by SCK inrush current limiters. Voltage spikes and surges are suppressed by TVR series varistors. And within the HVAC market,  Campini adjustable thermostats provide accurate room temperature control and TKS humidity sensors can help provide a comfortable environment.

Latest News

Heraeus  Platinum Sensors joins ATC Semitec line-up

Heraeus Platinum Sensors joins ATC Semitec line-up

January 22, 2020

ATC Semitec, the UK’s leading distributor of temperature sensors, has announced that the Heraeus Nexensos’ range of platinum sensors has […]

Platinum RTD sensors ideal for use in Dataloggers

Platinum RTD sensors ideal for use in Dataloggers

February 5, 2020

Available in SMD format, Heraeus Platinum thin film sensors offer highly stable and high precision temperature control over extended temperature […]

Smaller, Faster, More Responsive

Smaller, Faster, More Responsive

August 9, 2018

ATC Semitec’s  robust glass-bead NT-4 series of thermistors have very high heat resistance and are highly sensitive, making them ideal […]