Accurate Temperature Sensors for Home Heat Recovery Systems

ATC Semitec stock range of IP67/68 rated temperature sensors which are used within MVHR systems

Whole house heat recovery ventilation systems are just one of the many ways in which consumers are looking to become more energy conscious, whilst maintaining their comfortable living environment.

As MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) systems, are often hidden away in loft spaces, it is imperative that they should be low maintenance, demand the minimum level of servicing and therefore use highly reliable parts 

ATC Semitec stock a wide range of IP67 and IP68 temperature sensors with long term reliability which are ideally suited for use in MVHR systems.

ATC Semitec’s 103AT-11, are single-insulated, fully encapsulated IP67 rated temperature sensors, offering fast response times, and high accuracy (±0.3°C at 25°C). The sensor tip is moulded directly onto the cable ensuring the interface is completely sealed, whilst its small sensor tip responds quickly to temperature change. The flexible leads enable easy installation and the AT-11 offers industry standard resistance values such as the 10kΩ/B3435K (103AT-11).

These popular sensors are widely used across a diverse range of industries, and within the HVAC market they are a popular choice for use within underfloor heating, heat pumps, solar panels and batteries.

They are readily available from stock in lengths from 600mm to 3m long.  Our range of even higher integrity IP68 sensors are stocked with various R25 and B values and sensor lengths from 500mm to 5m long.

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