Asahi Keiki

  • Asahi US-638 Thermostats

    Asahi US-638 thermostats are thinner versions of the US-630 at only 5.1mm thick.  The US-638 is designed for high-volume applications where cost and reliability are the main design criteria.

    • Only 5.1mm thick, insulated case
    • Snap-action contacts
    • Calibrations from 30°C to 100°C
  • Asahi US-630 Thermostats

    Asahi US-630 thermostats are low-profile snap-action controls which are only 6.1mm thick.  They can be supplied fitted with an integral thermal fuse to offer ultimate in combined control and protection.

    • 6.1mm thick plastic case
    • Snap-action contact operation
    • Calibrations from 0°C to 120°C
  • ASAHI US-622 1/2" Disc Thermostats/Thermal Cut-Outs

    The Asahi US-622 disc thermostat is the workhorse control in the range.  Compact, high quality and competitively priced thermostats which can also be configured to operate as thermal cut-outs.

    • Calibration range: +10°C to +185°C (T200 housing)
    • Loads up to 16A/250VAC
    • Control, cut-out and one-shot options
  • ASAHI US-625 Ceramic 1/2"Disc Thermostats

    Asahi US-625 ceramic 1/2″disc thermostats offer high temperature control up-to 260°C range.  By choosing a narrow or wide differential, the US-625 can either be a thermostat or a thermal cut-out.

    • Calibration range +10°C to +260°C (T260 housing)
    • Automatic reset (N/O, N/C contact options)
    • Loads up to 10A/250VAC
  • ASAHI US-603 1/2"Disc Manual Reset Cut-outs

    Asahi’s US-603 manual reset thermal cut-out provides superior non-cycling thermal protection.  Various fixings and terminal types means the US-603 is a versatile thermal protector.

    • Temperature range: 50°C to 160°C
    • Non-cycling thermal protection
    • Switches loads up to 10A/250VAC
  • Asahi US-118 Hermetic Thermostats

    Asahi US-118 hermetically-sealed thermostats are ideal for high-specification applications and are totally moisture resistant.  Available with calibrations from 0°C to 250°C and various mounting flanges.

    • Hermetically sealed disc thermostats
    • Temperature set-points; From 0°C to 250°C
    • Contact ratings; 3A/125VAC (1A/24VDC)
  • ASAHI US-628 Waterproof Thermostats

    ASAHI US-628 disc thermostats are encapsulated, waterproof versions with integral lead-wires.  They have an automatic reset function and are available with normally-open or normally-closed contacts.

    • IP67 rated drip-proof housing
    • Max operating temperature 130˚C
    • Loads up to 5A/250VAC
  • Asahi US-802 TO-220 Miniature Thermal Switches

    The Asahi US-802 miniature thermal switch offers a neat solution for heat-sink and power component monitoring applications. Both normally-closed and normally-open contact types are readily available.

    • TO-220 case, M3 mounting hole
    • N/C and N/O contact options
    • Range 40°C to 120°C in 5K steps