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  • ASAHI US-622 1/2" Disc Thermostat/Thermal Cut Out

    Compact, general purpose, high quality low cost thermostat which can also be used as a thermal cut-out.

    Range of fixings available.

    • Range 0°C/+185°C (T200 Rating)
    • Automatic reset
    • N/C or N/O contacts, 100k cycles
    • Loads up to 16A/250VAC
    • Typical applications – office automation, electric ovens and water heaters
    • VDE, UL and C-UL Approvals
  • ASAHI US-603 Manual Reset 1/2" Disc
    • Range 50°C/150°C (T160 Rating)
    • Snap action contacts
    • Manual-reset operation only
    • Loads up to 10A/250VAC
    • VDE, UL and C-UL Approvals
  • ASAHI US-625 High Temperature 1/2" Disc Thermostat

    High temperature ceramic 1/2″ disc thermostat /cut out with  0°C/220°C range (T290 Rating)

    • Compact ceramic snap action disc cut-out
    • Automatic reset
    • N/O, N/C contact options
    • Loads up to 10A/250VAC
    • Typical applications – office automation, HVAC, ovens and water heaters
    • VDE, UL , C-UL Approvals
  • Asahi US-802 TO-220 Compact Thermostat

    Slim space saving snap action thermostat.

    • TO-220 case, pcb mount thermostat
    • Range 40°C to 120°C in 5K increments
    • N/O, N/C contact options, 100k cycles
    • Single-point surface fixing, M3.4 hole
    • Typical applications consumer electronics, pcbs, power supply equipment