• Campini TY53 Air Sensing Thermostats

    Campini TY-53 adjustable air-sensing thermostats are perfect for controlling portable and fixed heaters.  Fan heaters, convector heaters and combination fires can be readily controlled using these thermostats.

    • Four temperature ranges; 6~35°C, 6~45°C, 6~55°C and 6~70°C
    • Rated current and voltage: 16A/250VAC
    • Snap-action control and 200k cycle-life
  • Campini TY35-P Air Sensing Thermostats

    Campini TY-35P series air-sensing adjustable thermostats are perfect for use in fan heaters and convector heaters. The current flows adjacent to the bimetal giving the TY-35P anticipatory control.

    • Rated current and voltage: 16A/250VAC
    • Two ranges: 6~45°C and 6~60°C
    • Snap-action temperature control
  • Campini TY23 Surface Sensing Thermostats

    Campini TY23 adjustable stack thermostats are used in surface temperature-sensing applications.  Maximum temperature range is 0~260°C or others available on request with factory MOQ.

    • Rated current and voltage: 10A/250VAC
    • Operating temperature range: 0 to 260°C (others available upon request)
    • Different spindle options and terminal types available