• EAW IP64 Thermostat Assemblies

    An IP64 rated thermostat assembly in a sealed package from EAW. Plastic or metal housings suitable for challenging HVAC environmental and industrial conditions. Various mounting and lead-wire options.

    • IP64 sealed thermostat assembly
    • Calibrations from -10°C to +220°C (T220)
    • Various mounting and lead-wire options
  • EAW Dual Thermostat Assembly

    A dual thermostat & safety cut-out assembly in a single robust package from EAW. Metal housing suitable for challenging HVAC environmental and industrial conditions. M4 or M5 stud mount option.

    • Combined thermostat and safety cut-out/fuse
    • Calibrations from -10°C to +120°C (T120)
    • M4 or M5 stud mount options
  • EAW KO/KS Automatic Reset 1/2"Disc Thermostat

    Our EAW KO & KS series 1/2″ disc thermostats have the widest range of calibrations, fixings and termination options.  Both break-on-rise and make-on-rise contacts are equally available.

    • Range -20°C/+190°C (T200 Rating)
    • N/C and N/O Contact Operation
    • Loads up to 16A/250VAC
  • EAW SO Self-Hold Thermal Cut-Out

    The SO series self-hold thermal cut-outs have an internal heater to stop them from auto-resetting.  This means they can be located remotely and reset by switching off the applied voltage.

    • Internal heater stops auto-resetting
    • Range -5°C/+200°C (T200 Rated)
    • Multi-voltage options (12V~240V)
  • KB Manual Reset Thermal Cut-outs

    KB series 1/2″disc manual-reset thermal cutouts offer extra thermal protection where auto-resetting devices are not desirable.  Wide range of mounting options and terminal types.

    • Range 30°C to 190°C (T200 Rating)
    • Manual-reset function
    • Loads up to 16A/250VAC
  • EAW CO/CS High Temperature 1/2" Disc Thermostats

    EAW CO & CS ceramic 1/2″disc thermostats offer high-temperature control or sensing upto 350°C.  Various flange types and numerous terminations makes this a flexible range to suit your application.

    • Range; -20°C/+350°C (T350 rating)
    • Normally-open or normally-closed contacts
    • Switch capacity up to 16A/400VAC