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  • SEMIFUSE SFSR Resettable PTC Fuses

    Our Semifuse SFSR re-settable PPTC fuse, from leading manufacturer Fuzetec, provides reliable, non-cycling protection against short circuits in rechargeable batteries and electronic circuits.

    • Current ratings: 1.2A – 4.2A
    • Voltage ratings; 15V – 30VDC
    • Nickel straps ideal for spot-welding directly to battery cells
  • SEMIFUSE SFLR Resettable Battery Strap PTC Fuses

    Our Semifuse SFLR PPTC fuses, from leading manufacturer Fuzetec, are ideal for high-power battery applications, providing reliable non-cycling protection against short-circuits and over-charging.

    • Current ratings; 1.9A to 9.0A
    • Voltages ratings; 15V to 20V (DC)
    • Nickel straps for direct spot welding between battery cells
  • SEMIFUSE SFLT Strap Resettable PTC Fuses

    Semifuse SFLT series re-settable PTC fuses (from Fuzetec) offer an improved level  of battery cell short-circuit protection, particularly in lower-power battery applications.

    • Current ratings: 0.7A to 3.4A
    • Voltage rating:   24VDC
    • Low-profile with nickel straps for spot-welding
  • SEMIFUSE SFVT Ultra Slim Battery Strap PTC Fuses

    The SFVT series are ultra-slim PTC fuses and have a 20% lower temperature trip compared to our SFSR series.  They offer protection against over-current and over-temperature fault conditions.

    • Current ratings: 1.1A to 2.4A
    • Voltage rating: 16VDC
    • Nickel strap terminations for simplified battery assembly

    The Semifuse SFR16F series of resettable PPTC fuses from Fuzetec provide short-circuit protection in automotive electronic circuits for short circuit currents up to 100A, and other low voltage DC designs.

    • Current ratings 2.5A to 14A
    • Voltages – 16VDC
    • Temperature between: -40°C to +60°C
    • Radial leads (fixings)

    Our Semifuse SFR30F series of re-settable PPTC fuses, manufactured by Fuzetec, are ideal for use to protect battery chargers, computer peripherals, rechargeable batteries etc.

    They provide re-settable short-circuit protection in low-voltage DC circuits for short circuit currents up to 40A.

    • Current ratings 0.9A to 9A
    • Voltages – 30VDC
    • Temperature between: -40°C to +60°C
    • Radial leads (fixings)

    Manufactured by Fuzetec these radial leaded PTC fuses, provide re-settable short-circuit protection in low voltage DC circuits up to 60V for short circuit currents up to 40A.

    • Current ratings 0.05A to 3.75A
    • Voltages – 60VDC
    • Temperature between: -40°C to +60°C
    • Radial leads (fixings)
  • Semifuse SFRV 240V Resettable Radial Leaded PTC Fuse

    Re-settable PPTC fuses from Fuzetec are suitable for use with  transformers, electric motors and other electrical circuits, offering superior performance over conventional current fuses.

    • Current ratings – 0.05A to 2.0A
    • Max operating voltages – 240V AC/DC
    • Temperature between: -40°C to +60°C
    • Radial leads (fixings)
  • Semifuse SMD PTC Resettable Fuses

    Semifuse SMD PTC fuses are a very comprehensive range with footprints from 0603 up to 2920.  They offer a surface mount solution for a multitude of electronic and electrical applications.

    • Current ratings: 0.01A to 3.0A
    • Max operating voltages: 60V AC/DC
    • Temperature between: -40°C to +60°C