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  • PEPI C & CR Creep-Action Thermostats

    Universal close-control bimetal thermostat with calibrations from 5°C to 200°C.

    • Creep-action thermostat/thermal protector
    • Available with normally-closed or normally-open contacts
    • Metal case ensures fast thermal response to temperature change
    • Gold-diffused contacts available for low-voltage/low-current loads
  • PEPI H9 Ultra Small Fast Response Thermal Fuse

    Fast response snap action single operation thermal fuse.

    • Phenolic resin case provides high temperature isolation.
    • Temp range 130°C~260°C
    • Rated to 15A/250VAC
    • C-UL, VDE approvals
    • Ideal for use with office equipment, kitchen, home and personal care small appliances

  • PEPI J(A) Snap -Action Thermostats

    Snap-action control thermostat for 240/120V AC loads.

    • Wide or narrow differential between opening and closing temperatures for precise temperature control.
    • Quick make/quick break action.
    • Calibrations from 60°C – 160°C.
    • Perfect for small appliances and electric heater control.


  • PEPI N & NR Miniature Thermostats

    Miniature thermostats for small spaces e.g. inside rechargeable batteries. Also normally-open types are used for alarm activation.

    • Creep action thermal protector
    • Calibration range 30-130 °C
    • Available in open or close on temperature rise
    • Low internal resistance and diffused gold contacts make suitable for use in low voltage/ low current applications.
    • No built in differential between opening and closing temperature
    • Mini package 15.2 x 5.1 x 3.01 mm
  • PEPI V & VA Ultra Small Thermostats

    Snap-action battery protector in ultra-small plastic case.

    • Offers overcharge and short circuit protection in rechargeable battery packs.
    • Low internal impedance with nickel straps for spot-welding.
    • Preset calibration
    • Calibration range 50°C -100°C
    • Suitable for DC applications
    • Compact size – 16 x 5.9 x 2.1 mm
  • PEPI J2 Snap Action Bi-Metal Fuse

    • Snap action bi-metal fuse
    • Operates as non- resettable ‘one-shot’ fuse
    • High level reliability
    • Temperature range: 70°C~160°C
    • Rating 15A/120VAC
    • VDE, C-UL, UL approvals

  • PEPI H1 One-Shot Fuses

    • Snap action thermostat
    • Miniature size: 18 x7 x 5 mm
    • Temp range: 160°C~250°C
    • Reset temperature – -35°C
    • Fast thermal response
    • Rating 10A/240VAC
    • TuV, C-UL approvals

  • PEPI H3 Fast Response One-Time Fuses

    • Fast response snap action single operation thermal control
    • Phenolic resin case isolates fuse from electrical circuit.
    • Suitable for high temp application
    • Even faster response form exposed bi-metallic element.
    • Temp range 130°C~260°C
    • Rated to 10A/240VAC
    • C-UL, VDE approvals
    • Ideal for use with office equipment, and small appliances

  • PEPI H8 High Temperature One-Shot Fuses

    • Ultra- fast response times
    • Ceramic case allows operation up to 280°C
    • Temp range 250°C~280°C
    • Offers ultimate safety for high temp applications, such as hair stylers or small appliances.
    • Rated to 10A/250VAC
    • TuV, C-UL approvals

  • PEPI J Series Thermal Cut-outs

    Customised PEPI J snap-action thermal bimetal cut-outs from 60°C to 160°C.

    • High sensitivity to temperature change
    • Choice of bi-metals for increased current sensitivity
    • Ideal for electric motor, transformer and lighting ballast protection
    • Contact ratings to 15A/250VAC, 10A/12VDC
  • PEPI J(S) Self-Hold Thermal Cutouts

    A snap-action, self-hold thermal protector for use on 240VAC or 120VAC loads

    • Nominal temperature settings from 60°C-160°C
    • Built-in resistor that stops auto-resetting until the applied load is removed
    • Perfect for protecting small appliances, electric motors, transformers and heating elements
    • VDE, UL and C-UL Approvals
  • PEPI FCP Probe Thermal Cut-Outs

    Small, cost-effective, snap-action FCP thermal cut-outs available from stock

    • Nominal temperature settings from 50°C to 130°C
    • Heat resistant PBT plastic housing requires no further insulation
    • Contact ratings to 8A/250VAC, 12A/24VDC
    • Typical applications – motor, lighting and transformers
    • Compact design – 4 x 7.5 x 15mm
  • PEPI F Thermal Cutouts

    Versatile snap-action thermal cut-outs for electric motors, transformers and lighting

    • Nominal temperature calibration 60°C to 150°C
    • Contact ratings up to 8A/250 VAC, also 277VAC
    • UL, CUL, VDE certification
  • PEPI ST01 Series Thermal Cut Out

    PEPI ST01 series is a snap action thermal cut out.

    Small, round and low profile which fits neatly into small places.

    Nominal calibration temperature 60°C- 160°C

    • Designed as an economical solutions ideal for use with :
      • Transformers,
      • Motors,
      • Lighting applications up to 5 amps
      • Electronics.