• PEPI C & CR Creep-Action Thermostats

    PEPI C thermostats (or PEPI CR thermal switches) are universal, close-control bimetallic thermostats.  With tight tolerances and slow-make/slow-break contacts, they achieve very close temperature control.

    • Factory calibrations from 5°C to 200°C in 1K steps
    • Available as normally-closed (PEPI C ) or normally-open (PEPI CR)
    • Gold-diffused contacts available for low-voltage/low-current loads
  • PEPI J(A) Snap-Action Thermostats

    PEPI J(A)s are unique, snap-action control thermostats with a very narrow differential giving excellent temperature control.  They are rated for 100k cycles and are suitable for both 240VAC and 120VAC loads.

    • Only 4.1mm thick, live case design
    • Snap-action contacts, narrow differential
    • Calibrations from 55°C to 160°C
  • PEPI N & NR Miniature Thermostats

    Miniature thermostats for small spaces.

    • Calibration range 30-130 °C
    • Available in open or close on temperature rise
    • No built in differential between opening and closing temperature
    • Mini package 15.2 x 5.1 x 3.01 mm
  • PEPI V & VA Ultra Small Thermostats

    Snap-action battery protectors in an ultra-thin, small plastic case.  The PEPI V and PEPI VA devices offer overcharge, overload and/or short-circuit protection in rechargeable battery packs.

    • Calibrations: From 45°C to 100°C
    • Nickel straps for spot-welding
    • Suitable for DC applications
  • PEPI H1 One-Shot Thermal Fuses

    The PEPI H1 is the lowest-profile, one-shot bimetal thermal fuse offering superior ultimate thermal protection up to 240°C.

    • Miniature size: 18 x 7 x 5 mm
    • Temperature range: 160°C to 240°C
    • Fast thermal response
    • Rating 10A/250VAC
  • PEPI H3 Fast Response One-Time Fuses

    A fast response snap-action single-operation thermal control, which is suitable for high temperature applications. Even faster response is achieved by using exposed bi-metal elements.

    • Suitable for high temp application
    • Temperature range: 130°C to 260°C
    • Rated to 10A/240VAC

    Also available as:

    PEPI H4 – contact rating 0.5A/50VDC

    PEPI H5 – contact rating 15A/125VAC   (10 A/250VAC)

  • PEPI H8 High Temperature One-Shot Fuses

    PEPI H8 High Temperature One-Shot Fuses operate as a high limit, single operation type control. The ceramic case isolates them from the electrical circuit.

    • Ultra-fast response times
    • Ceramic case allows operation up to 280°C
    • Temperature range: 160°C to 280°C
  • PEPI H9 Ultra Small Fast Response Thermal Fuse

    The smallest PEPI H-series snap-action, single-operation bimetal thermal fuse.  The phenolic resin case provides high temperature isolation.

    • Temperature settings; 130°C~260°C
    • Contact rating 15A/250VAC (or 1A/50VDC option)
    • C-UL and TuV approvals
    • Ideal for office automation products, home and personal care small appliances
  • PEPI J Series Bimetal Thermal Cut-Outs

    PEPI J snap-action thermal cut-outs are available with a range of bimetals to alter their current sensitivity.  Thus they can be used for both over-temperature and over-current protection.

    • Temperature range: 60°C to 160°C
    • Contact ratings; 15A/250VAC or 10A/12VDC
    • Various levels of current sensitivity
  • PEPI J(S) Self-Hold Thermal Cut-outs

    The PEPI J(S) is a snap-action, self-hold thermal protector that has a built-in heating resistor to stop the PEPI from auto-resetting.  This offers a superior level of protection compared with auto-reset cut-outs.

    • Built-in self-hold resistor, remote reset
    • Suitable for 240VAC or 120VAC operation
    • Nominal temperature settings from 60°C to 160°C
  • PEPI FCP Thermal Cut-outs

    PEPI FCP (FC-P2D) thermal cut-outs have an isolated case with an automatic reset function.  With a wide differential, the PEPI FCP is ideal for protecting small appliances, electric motors, transformers, etc.

    • Temperature settings from 50°C to 130°C in 5K steps
    • Insulated PBT plastic housing
    • Compact design 4 x 7.5 x 15mm
  • PEPI F Snap-Action Thermal Cut-Outs

    The PEPI F series snap-action thermal cut-out is a small, auto-reset thermal protector suitable for numerous applications.  Due to internal spacings, it can be used up to 277VAC in lighting protection applications.

    • Nominal temperature calibration 60°C to 150°C
    • Snap-action operation with a wide differential
    • Contact ratings up to 8A/250VAC & 5A/277VAC
  • PEPI J2 Snap Action Bi-Metal Fuse

    The PEPI J-2 is a snap action thermal fuse that functions as a non-resetting over-temperature control.  This single operation device performs like a conventional thermal fuse but with the reliability of the sensing element being 100% tested first.

    • Temperature range: 70°C~160°C
    • Contact rating: 15A/120VAC
  • PEPI ST01 Series Bimetal Thermal Cut Out

    The PEPI ST01 series is a snap-action, auto-reset thermal protector that will fit into the smallest of spaces.  It can be readily wound into electric motor windings to protect against over-temperature.

    • Nominal calibrations from 60°C to 160°C
    • Snap-action contacts with auto-reset function
    • Brass case provides good thermal conductivity