• SEFUSE SF-R One Shot Thermal Fuse

    The SEFUSE SF-R thermal fuse is the smallest 15A rated one-shot fuse available worldwide.  It has replaced the larger SF-E type but still has the same contact rating and settings up to 240deg.C.

    • Smaller fuse body; 4 x 8.5mm long – faster response time
    • Temperature range; 70°C to 240°C
    • 15A/250VAC Contact Rating
  • SEFUSE SFH-R Ultra Reliable One Shot Thermal Fuses

    Ultra reliable one-shot thermal fuse, preventing electrical appliances from catching fire due to overheating.  The polymer-based pellet is less susceptible to premature aging.

    • Small fuse body: 4 x 8.5mm
    • Temperature range: 110°C to 176°C
    • Contact rating: 15A/250VAC
  • SEFUSE SM-A Ceramic One Shot Thermal Fuses

    The SM-A is a general purpose one shot thermal fuse, using a fusible alloy inside a ceramic case.  Batteries, electric motors, transformers and solenoids all benefit from fitting this safety fuse.

    • Isolated Ceramic Fuse Body: 2.5 x 9mm long
    • Temperature Range: 72°C to 225°C
    • Maximum Rating: 2A/250VAC (also 50VDC ratings)
  • SEFUSE SM-B Small Ceramic Thermal Fuses

    The SM-B has a smaller ceramic fuse body compared to our SM-A thermal fuse, with a neat ceramic case encapsulating the fusible alloy.  Suitable for the smallest of coil winding applications.

    • Ceramic Fuse body: 2 x 6mm
    • Temperature range: 92°C to 225°C
    • Rating: 1A/250VAC (also 50VDC ratings)
  • SEFUSE SM-G Smallest Ceramic Thermal Fuses

    Our SM-G series thermal fuse is the smallest available worldwide.  Because of its insulated case, the SM-G one time fuse can be applied directly to where it will be most effective.

    • Smallest 1.6mm diameter, one shot thermal fuse
    • Temp range; 110°C to 225°C
    • Rating: 0.5A/250VAC (5A/50VDC)
  • SEFUSE SF-K Slim Thermal Fuses

    The SEFUSE SF-K one-shot thermal fuse is the smallest of our metal-body fuses.  It uses a eutectic thermal pellet as its temperature sensing element which melts at its predetermined setting.

    • Slim metal fuse body: 3 x 7.5mm
    • Temperature range: 70°C to 214°C
    • Rating: 6A/250VAC
  • SEFUSE D6S Ultra Thin SMD Battery Logic Fuse

    Schott SEFUSE D6S series battery logic fuses provide valuable overcharge and over-current protection, making them ideal for the protection of Li-ion battery packs.

    • Miniature space-saving surface mount logic fuse with built-in resistor
    • Ultra-thin format; E.g. the D6SC is less than 1mm thick with a 3mm x 4mm land area
    • Ratings: 12A, 15A, 22A, 30A, 45A and 60A versions available
  • SCHOTT SEREB Miniature Self-Hold Battery Protectors

    Schott’s SEREB series is a range of self-hold, miniature battery protection devices for use with Li-ion cells and other battery technologies.  Responds to both over-current and over-temperature conditions.

    • Self-latching protector – will not auto-reset whilst fault is present
    • Only 1.05 mm thick x 11.4mm long
    • 4 calibrations available from 72°C to 85°C