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  • SEFUSE SF-R One Shot Thermal Fuse

    • One shot thermal fuse
    • Small Fuse body: 4 x 8.5mm
    • High Tm rating for improved product protection
    • Quicker response times
    • Temp range 70°C to 240°C.

    • Rating: 15A/250VAC
    • Stock Fuses: SF70R, SF76E, SF76R, SF81R, SF90R, SF94R, SF113R, SF119E, SF119R, SF129R, SF139R, SF150R, SF167R, SF184E, SF188E, SF214E, SF214R, SF229R, SF240E, SF240R

  • SEFUSE SFH-R Ultra Reliable One Shot Thermal Fuses

    • Ultra reliable one shot thermal  fuse
    • Higher than normal Tm rating for improved product protection
    • Small fuse body: 4 x 8.5mm
    • Temp range 110°C to 176°C
    • Excellent insulation performance at high temperatures
    • Rating: 15A/250VAC

  • SEFUSE SM-A Ceramic One Shot Thermal Fuses

    • General Purpose One Shot Thermal Fuse
    • Isolated Ceramic Fuse Body: 2.5 x 9mm long
    • Temperature Range: 72°C to 225°C
    • Maximum Rating: 2A/250VAC (also 50VDC ratings)
    • Stock Fuses: SM072A0, SM082A0, SM092A0, SM110A0. SM125AO, SM137A0, SM146A0. SM150AO, SM164A0, SM182A0, SM225A0

  • SEFUSE SM-B Small Ceramic Thermal Fuses

    • Smaller diameter one shot thermal fuse
    • Ceramic Fuse body: 2 x 6mm
    • As ceramic acts as insulator, SM-type can be fixed directly to where most effective.
    • Temp range; 82°C to 225°C
    • Rating: 1A/250VAC
    • Stock Fuses: SM082B0, SM092BO, SM110B0, SM125B0, SM137B0, SM146B0, SM150B0

  • SEFUSE SF-K Slim Thermal Fuses

    • Slimmest one shot thermal fuse diameter within SF range.
    • Slim metal fuse body: 3 x 7.5mm
    • Temp range: 73°C to 187°C
    • Rating: 6A/250VAC
    • Stock Fuses: SF70K, SF90K, SF96K, SF214K

  • SEFUSE D6SC Ultra Thin SMD Battery Logic Fuse

    • Ideal for protecting tablet, notebook and power tool batteries
    • Miniature space-saving surface mount battery logic fuse
    • Ultra-thin fuse body: <1mm thin, 3 x 4mm land area
    • Ratings: 12A & 15A (20A and 30A also now available)

  • SEFUSE® SEREB Miniature Battery Protection

    SEFUSE® SEREB are a range of miniature battery protection devices for use with Li-ion cells and other battery technologies.

    SEREB miniature thermal circuit-breakers are self-latching (i.e. non self-resetting) responding to both over-current and over-temperature cell conditions. The SEREB SB protector operates via a small bimetal thermal element that heats up, opens circuit and is then kept open by a miniature PTC heating element. The SB battery cut-out will only reset once the battery fault is removed.

    Only 1 mm thick and with 5 calibrations ranging from 72°C to 90°C, the SEREB SB series can be fine-tuned to offer critical thermal protection for rechargeable and primary battery applications.