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  • SEKI ST-12 Bimetal Thermal Switch

    The ST-12 is a typical bimetal thermal cut-out by SEKI, which allows accurate temperature control of your device.

    • Snap Action with Automatic Reset
    • Superior Heat Response
    • Temperature Setting Range: 60℃ to 150℃
  • SEKI ST-22 Bimetal Thermal Switch

    The SEKI ST-22 series thermal cut-out is their most popular device.  Manufactured in high volume, this highly reliable overheat thermal protector has become an industry standard for motors & transformers.

    • Snap-Action Bimetal, Automatic Reset
    • Temperature Setting Range: 50℃ to 150℃
    • PBT Resin Case – Epoxy Sealed
  • SEKI ST-30 Bimetal Thermal Switch

    SEKI’s ST-30 thermal cut-out is the smallest in the series.  Available with calibrations from 50℃ to 130℃, the 5A/250VAC contact rating and compact size makes it ideal for integration into various products.

    • Snap-action, automatic reset control
    • Calibrations from 50℃ to 130℃
    • Insulated case with epoxy sealing
  • SEKI CK Series Thermal Protection Switches

    SEKI CK series bimetal cut-outs are used for over-temperature and over-current protection of electric motors, transformers and lighting ballasts.  Calibrations from 60℃ to 160℃.

    • Snap Action Contacts
    • Contact Rating: 8A/250V AC (6,000 cycles)
    • Temperature Setting Range: 60℃ to 160℃
  • SEKI HB Series Thermal Switch

    Snap action disc thermostat with a range of available brackets and terminals. They are designed to maintain a certain temperature range during operation.

    • Available with Both of Normally Closed Type and Normally Open Type Contacts
    • Single Operation Disc (SOD): Open on temperature rise, no closure unless the temperature 0℃ or below -35℃
    • Temperature Setting Range: -20℃ to 180℃