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  • NC Non-Contact Sensors F-Type

    The Semitec Non Contact (NC) sensor is a new concept in measuring infrared heat for temperature control of office automation products, and other products with rotating motors

    Utilising micro FT thermistor technology, Semitec have developed a sensor which can be easily installed, is self-compensating and can withstand more aggressive environments than conventional infra-red sensors.

    The sensor assembly consists of two high-precision thermistors. One detects IR radiation emitted from an object, and the other measures the ambient temperature for compensation. By using the temperature differential between the two measurement outputs the target temperature can be calculated

    The Semitec NC Non – Contact Sensor is ideally suited for temperature control of

    • fuser rollers in laser printers, fax machines and photo-copiers,
    • rotating motor parts particularly in automotive applications
    • temperature measurement of drugs, chemicals and in high pressure environments.

    Other Key features include:

    • High resistance to dust – very little deterioration in output is caused by dirt or toner particles.
    • High heat resistance – operating temperature range is from -10°C to 150°C., measuring temperature from -20°C to 260°C.
    • Resistant to electrical noise – no special housing required in micro-wave applications.
    • Simple to use – using a thermistor sensor, the output signal output is very high and easy to process.
  • CRD Current Diodes

    These are available as either surface mount SOD123 or DO-35 diode packages

    The S-series surface-mount range offers constant current values from 0.1mA to 22mA.

    Operating temperature range  -40° to 150°C

    Semitec CRDs operate over a wide voltage range and by combining them in parallel or in series with a zener, even higher current and voltage ratings can be achieved.

  • Semitec Zenamic MOVs

    Peak current surges of up to 6500A (8/20 s) and peak power surges of up to 565J (10/1000 s) respectively can be limited by these fast-acting devices.

  • Semitec AT-2 High Accuracy NTC Thermistor

    The Semitec AT-2 range of NTC thermistors were the first to use lead-frame technology to create consistently accurate 1% tolerance NTC’s at a significant lower-cost than other NTC products. Their unified shape enables automatic assembly.

    The AT-2 is a very popular NTC thermistor, widely used across numerous industries.

    Available from stock.


  • Semitec AT-4 High Accuracy Lead Wire NTC Thermistor

    Semitec AT-4 thermistors have flexible, PVC insulated lead-wires therefore offering all the technical benefits of the popular AT-2 NTC thermistor, but help to simplify the battery assembly process. The popular Semitec AT series offers high 1% accuracy with tight resistance and B-value tolerances. Excellent long term reliability.

    Two main wire gauges available (30AWG or 26AWG) with 10kohm versions readily available from stock.

    Call our technical sales team to discuss any specific requirements.

  • Semitec AT-5 Lead In NTC Thermistor

    Semitec 103AT-5 thermistors incorporate the same NTC element as the 103AT-2 but are fitted with 30mm long solid bare lead-wires (0.5mm dia) and can be supplied in bulk form or tape & reel or ammo-pack.

    Call our technical sales team to discuss any auto-insertion requirements you have for NTC thermistors.

  • Semitec AP-2 Ultra High Accuracy NTC Thermistors

    Our popular Semitec AP thermistors offer an even higher accuracy than our Semitec AT  thermistors with a 150°C Tmax rating. With  0.5% resistance tolerances from –60˚C to + 80˚C .They are used within a wide variety of applications from battery chargers to temperature sensors.

    We stock an extensive stock range from  2.00 kΩ – 200kΩ


  • Semitec High Accuracy HT/HTF Mini Chip Thermistor

    Highly accurate SMD thermistor over wide temperatures ( -40°C/+125°C). Offers improved reliability compared to existing chip thermistors.

    Re-flow soldering possible. Available as SMD or SMD axial.

    Suitable for use in office automation, electric vehicles and battery packs etc.


  • Semitec KT - High Accuracy SMD NTC Thermistor

    Semitec’s KT is a highly accurate SMD NTC thermistor, with tight resistance and 1% B-value tolerance.

    Offers high levels of performance and reliability. Dimensions (1005, 1608).

    Suitable uses includes IT equipment, battery packs and chargers, office and AV equipment.


  • Semitec Epoxy-Coated Temperature Sensors

    This is one of the simplest forms of thermistor sensor available.

    The NTC element is first soldered to lead-wires and then encapsulated in several layers of epoxy to provide an environmental seal and mechanical protection.
    A wide range of single-insulated, fully encapsulated sensors are available utilising our AP-2, AT-2, ET, NT-4 or SP series thermistors, offering you a wide range of R25 and B values.

    • Offers up to IP67 waterproof protection.
    • Temperature range: -50/+110°C (125°C)
    • Epoxy-coating Cable length: 50mm to 10 metres


  • AT-11 Temperature Sensors

    The AT-11 is a TPE encapsulated sensor suitable for temperatures from -50°C/+110°C. The sensing portion is just 5mm x 6mm x 15mm long giving a fast response to thermal change. The sensor tip is sealed to the leadwires during the moulding process to ensure IP67 integrity and so can be used where moisture ingress is normally a problem – this overmoulding also helps to provide an insulation strength to 3.75kV.
    The industry standard 103AT-11 uses our highly reliable 103AT-2 thermistor (accuracy ±0.3°C at 25°C) and we stock the 600mm, 1.5m and 3m long versions. Other R25/B value combinations using our AT-2 and AP-2 series thermistors are also available for volume applications.

  • Semitec 103AT-11 IP67 NTC Temperature Sensors

    The Semitec AT-11 series, are TPE encapsulated sensors utilising our popular AP-2 NTC thermistors. Suitable for temperatures from -50°C/+110°C.

    Moisture-proof to IP67 and isolated to 3.75kV, the AT-11 temperature sensor offers an excellent and accurate low-cost solution for general temperature sensing applications.

    Readily available from stock with 0.6m, 1.5m and 3.0 m lead lengths. This range is readily customised offering you a variety of  lead lengths  and other R25/ B value combinations using our Semitec AT-2/AP-2 NTC thermistors.


  • Semitec NT-4 Glass Bead NTC Thermistor

    This new Semitec NT-4 supersedes the popular Semitec GT-2, offering superior performance with faster response times. It has a small 1.25mm glass bead diameter, which is extremely robust, ensuring that the Thermistor is moisture-proof.

    With it’s wide temperature range from  -50°C/+300°C it is suitable for use across a large number of industries including automotive sensors, E-vehicle batteries, office automation, and medical devices.

  • Semitec F-micro Miniature Temperature Sensors

    Using further advances in Semitec’s thin-film thermistor technology, the Fμ temperature sensor has been specifically designed with medical purposes in mind. They feature extremely fast response time (<51ms), and high accuracy (±0.14K at 37°C).

    We have 2 stock items available and now in packages as small as 0.3mm (D) x 1.8mm (L) with a Tc≤20ms.

    The Fμ temperature sensor can be used in catheters, body temperature monitoring devices or where an extremely small sensor needs to be incorporated with other clinical instruments.




  • Semitec JT Ultra-Thin Flexible Film NTC Thermistor

    Semitec’s JT series of thermistors are ultra-thin flexible film NTCs that give a very fast response to temperature change. Laminated within 2 polymer layers it is one of thinnest available worldwide at less than 0.5mm thick.

    Whilst increasingly used within medical device applications, it is a versatile thermistor which is used within battery packs, e-vehicles, mobile devices and surface/air  temperature sensors.


  • STS1 Series Clip-on Temperature Sensors

    The STS1 is an IP67 rated pipe-clip temperature sensor from Semitec.

    Ideal for water temperature sensing in metal pipe diameters from 12 to 22mm.  Incorporating our FT thin-film thermistor, it offers a fast thermal response with a typical Tc of ≤1s.

    Ideal for use with gas-boilers, instant water heaters and in anti-legionnaires monitoring systems.

  • Semitec ET Miniature Epoxy NTC Thermistor

    Originally designed for clinical thermometer applications this small beaded NTC thermistor is very versatile and suitable for wide range of applications.

    Very fast response times and high accuracy make it a universal choice for low-cost applications.

    R37 tolerances of ±1% or smaller and matched resistance groups help to minimise unit cost whilst maximising sensor accuracy.


  • Semitec FL/FT Glass Film High Temperature SMD Thermistor

    These micro thin film thermistors out perform conventional thermistors due to miniaturisation, quick response time and their high heat resistance. They are available as FT SMD or FL with ‘lead wings’ for ease of board mounting. Their miniaturisation and quick response times makes these ideal for use for office automation, and medical, computer or mobile devices.

  • Semitec ET-3H Small Bead Epoxy NTCs

    The ET-3H thermistor was originally developed for clinical thermometer applications.
    With bead sizes of 1.4mm (or less),and flexible wire. Its fast response and high accuracy make it a universal choice for low-cost, clinical thermometers.
    R37 tolerances of ±1% or smaller and matched resistance groups help to minimise unit cost whilst maximising sensor accuracy.

  • Semitec STS3 Thin Flexible Film Temperature Sensor

    A version of our popular flexible JT film thermistor assembly from Semitec, which is fitted with lead-wires and connector.

    This versatile temperature sensor is ideal for air-sensing, particularly for use in fire alarms and heat detectors, component and battery monitoring, rechargeable batteries and medical sensors.


  • Semitec STS4 Flexible Surface Sensor for High Temperatures

    High temperature flexible thermistor suitable for use in sensing high surface temperatures up-to 250°C.

    Typical applications include use in- laser-printers; photo-copiers; fax machines etc; hot plates and appliances.

    • Fast response design (Tc ≤ 1s)
    • High accuracy ±3%
    • Flexible sensing tip
    • Operating range up to 230°C
    • Excellent long term stability


  • Thermopiles - Non-Contact Infrared Sensors

    Our Semitec 10TP series thermopile is a very fast-acting infrared sensing device suitable for non-contact applications such as clinical ear-drum thermometers.
    The  Semitec 10TP583T thermopile is the result of silicon micro-machining technology where a series of miniature thermocouple junctions are combined to provide an output EMF based on the received infrared energy.

    • Operating temperature range is from -10°C to 100°C