Electric Vehicle Sensors

Discover the wide range of temperature sensor solutions from ATC Semitec which offer improved Electric Vehicle performance and safety.

Temperature sensors are a very important component in electric vehicles and play a critical role in monitoring and controlling various systems within the vehicle – in extreme conditions they will help to prevent catastrophic events such as battery meltdowns, motors overheating, power component malfunction and ultimately fires.


Our extensive range includes temperature sensors in a variety of sizes, configurations and features, depending on their positioning and role within the EV/component.

Our range includes

In addition, we supply battery logic fuses offering battery protection against overcharge and over-current, as well as thermal fuses/thermal cut-outs offering ultimate temperature protection.

Clicking on the interactive diagram below will highlight the key components within an E-Vehicle and identify the range of ATC Semitec’s recommended range of products .

These include

Charging Ports                                Battery Packs                        Electric Heaters                             Electric Motors

   Battery Management System (BMS)                                    Coolant System


These recommended products form part of a wider range of sensors from ATC Semitec  

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