Energy efficient fast response temperature sensors for HVAC applications

ATC Semitec stock a comprehensive range of robust and cost-effective temperature sensors which are widely used across the HVAC market.

Offering fast response times (Tc ≤1s), with high levels of accuracy this range of sensors offer both accurate temperature control and energy savings within boilers, central heating systems, domestic and industrial water systems, and heating /air conditioning systems. This range is also suitable for use as coolant sensors in e-vehicles.

BTS5 Fast Response Boiler Temperature Sensors
Thin-wall stainless steel tip offers Tc ≤1s

Our ‘Jewel in the crown’ is the ATC Semitec BTS5 – a composite design temperature sensor with a miniature thin-wall stainless steel tip offering a Tc ≤1s. They are rated for use from -40°C to 150°C These sensors have an NTC thermistor located in the very end of the thin wall stainless steel tip that helps to minimise response times, whilst coping with the higher pressures in district heating systems where slower sensors can limit system performance. Available with a push-fit mounting or with a 1/4″BSPG screw-threaded boss.

Prefer a pipe clip sensor? Try the IP67 rated ATC Semitec BTS3,also offering a Tc ≤1s, the NTC is housed in a miniature metal probe to optimise its thermal response.

Clip-On Temperature Sensor for Anti-Legionnaires Systems
Fast response clip-on temperature sensors

These clip sensors can simply and quickly be attached to the water-pipe, without the need for drilling holes, draining the water system or making special couplings for conventional probe sensors. Can be used with pipe diameters from 13-28mm or available with a flexible mounting bracket system which enables it to be strapped into place.

These sensors form part of a larger range of coolant/ boiler sensors from ATC Semitec, and part of the extensive range of circuit protection and temperature sensors from our world leading innovative suppliers.


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