Environmental Policy


ATC Semitec Ltd recognises its legal and moral responsibility to manage its activities in an environmentally sustainable way. The company is actively engaged in supporting environmental protection and the reduction of pollution. We are driven by the desire to reduce the environmental impact of any of our business operations to the lowest reasonably practicable level.

Our activities are guided by the following aims and objectives:

• As a distributor, ATC Semitec does not manufacture any products or create any “value-added” parts, but we ensure that any product we do supply has been sourced through processes that comply with current environmental legislation.
• We take account of environmental protection with regards to projects, planning and decision making, as an integral part of all our activities.
• We maintain buildings, equipment, processes, systems and provide working conditions which are safe and minimise risk to the environment.
• We carry out impact assessments, inspections, surveys and audits to identify any potential risks within the workplace, our processes and the environment.
• We aim to reduce energy usage to the lowest practical level through good personal management and by using energy efficient LED lighting, time switches and storage heating. We have also installed low-flush toilets, an e-vehicle charger and are investigating installation of solar panels to help reduce our environmental impact further.
• We have reduced the use of consumable products by recycling and re-using all suitable packaging material. We also encourage customers to accept one multi-order shipment per month instead of several separate shipments.
• Waste is minimised through recovery and/or recycling and we ensure that waste disposal, on or off site, is carried out in an acceptable manner.

Actions to demonstrate our commitment to this policy include:

• Requesting minimum environmental packaging standards from our suppliers and multi-order shipments sent together.
• Provision of energy efficient LED lighting and time-activated PIR switches and storage heating solutions within the premises.
• Installation of electric vehicle charging station on the premises.
• Elimination of unnecessary company vehicle use via online customer meetings.

• Reducing waste in packaging through the maximum re-use of supplier boxes, packaging materials and adopting a ‘no-void’ policy.
• Consolidate customers monthly orders, where possible, to reduce environmental impact of packaging and transportation.
• Encourage a ‘zero waste’ approach to all operations.

Environmental performance will be formally assessed annually through a management review to help ensure ATC Semitec Ltd is continuing to meet its targets, achieving legislation compliance and engaging in fresh projects. However, any new initiatives are adopted throughout the year following a presentation to the management team.

Robin Savin
Managing Director
ATC Semitec Ltd