Easy installation with ATC Semitec’s Pipe Clip Sensors

These neat surface temperature sensors use highly accurate NTC thermistors and are ideal for use within anti-legionnaires systems, domestic and industrial water systems, hot water showers, gas boilers, heating and air conditioning systems

The BTS3 sensor from ATC Semitec enables you to accurately and quickly sense water temperature from the outside of a metal pipe. The sensor simply fastens over the pipe and is held in place by a strong stainless-steel clip. This keeps the NTC thermistor sensor firmly against the pipe surface and thus ensures a fast-thermal response ( which is typically around 1 second or less) and accurate temperature monitoring.

In addition, for ease of maintenance, they can be simply unclipped and quickly replaced with another, without the need to drain the water system. These are now also available with bespoke fitted leads to enable easier connections.