How to Maximise the Speed of Response of a Surface Temperature Sensor?

To enhance the response speed of a surface temperature sensor, consider these approaches alongside selecting an appropriate sensor:

  1. Reducing Thermal Mass: Minimise the material mass around the sensor element (NTC/RTD) to accelerate temperature detection. Less intervening material means quicker response. Choose conductive materials like metals over plastics if unavoidable barriers exist between the target temperature and sensor.
Fast response- ring/lug temperature sensor.

Consider using the ATC Semitec STS2 Ring/Lug Temperature Sensor

Consider the ATC Semitec STS2 Ring lug temperature sensor assembly due to its ability to be securely fixed to surfaces, our Semitec FT Miniature Thin Film SMD NTC or Semitec JT thin film NTC which with a maximum thickness of 0.5mm can be positioned directly on or closer to the heat source even in the tightest spots.

Miniature, fast response, high temperature glass SMD NTC. Less than 0.15mm thin. Semitec FT from ATC Semitec

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