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New E-motor IP68 Encapsulated Precision RTD Temperature Sensors

A new IP68-rated sealed Pt temperature sensor from Heraeus

suitable for use in e-motors from ATC Semitec

The new IP68-rated Heraeus EC3032 Pt1000 temperature sensor is ideal for use in e-motor applications.  With a temperature range of -50°C to +200°C (with a short-term rating of up to 250°C for 50 hours) it offers precise, and robust temperature sensing solution for harsh automotive environments.  To that end Heraeus are currently applying the EC3032 for AEC-Q200 component approval.

The sensor consists of a Pt1000B element terminated onto 24AWG PTFE wire and then sealed in a tough high-temperature shrink tube that is back-filled.  This creates an IP68 rated sensor that has a dielectric strength of 6kV.  The standard EC3032 sensor has 410mm long lead-wires but other lengths are available for high-volume applications.

As well as e-motor applications, the sensor can be used in rapid charging plugs, industrial motors, automation equipment and high temperature heating elements.

This new Heraeus EC3032 temperature sensor, forms part of the extensive range of platinum temperature sensors which are stocked by ATC Semitec. ATC Semitec, are the UK’s leading distributor of temperature sensors offering engineers leading edge thermal solutions from world leading innovative suppliers such as Heraeus.

For over 25 years, we have supported engineers across a wide range of industries with their NPD or product upgrades.

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