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Energy efficient fast response temperature sensors for HVAC applications

December 7, 2022

ATC Semitec stock a comprehensive range of robust and cost-effective temperature sensors which are widely used across the HVAC market. […]

New In-Flow Coolant Temperature Sensors

December 6, 2022

Now available from ATC Semitec are the new TKS inline coolant sensors, which offer a neat temperature monitoring solution for cooling […]

High Integrity IP68 Encapsulated RTD Temperature Sensors

December 6, 2022

E-motors within E-V’s, HEV’s and other commercial vehicles are being run at increasingly high temperatures, and therefore engineers require sensors […]

Ultra-thin, flexible Thermistor for fast surface temperature sensing especially in tight spots

November 24, 2022

Truly versatile the Semitec JT ultra-thin NTC Thermistor is widely used across the world in many diverse industries from wearable […]

Essential Temperature Monitoring for Batteries

April 28, 2022

        In the e-vehicle battery market, battery system designers are under increasing pressure to maximise the conflicting requirements of size, […]

Battery Thermal Protection at a your finger tips

April 1, 2022

Our new 8 page brochure provides engineers with a quick and easy guide to our temperature sensors and thermal protection […]