Precision Temperature Sensors – ATC Semitec’s top pick!

When fast, accurate temperature sensing is required, ATC Semitec have a wide range of versatile NTC temperature sensor assemblies to choose from.

These sensors offer the best accuracy-to-cost-to-quality ratio available in the industry and are widely used across diverse industrial environments including battery management, HVAC, air conditioning, and automotive, where precise temperature monitoring and control are paramount.

The ranges from ATC Semitec are available in many formats, each tailored to suit specific application requirements;

Semitec 103AT-11 IP67 Waterproof Temperature Sensor

Ideal for either challenging or just general temperature sensing environments, these 103AT-11 sensors feature a robust but very neat TPE encapsulated sensor head.  This compact oval profile sensing tip (just 5 x 6 x 15mm) ensures fast, accurate and reliable performance even in harsh conditions.  The 103AT-11 is equipped with the industry standard Semitec 103AT-2 precision NTC thermistor, offering exceptional accuracy (i.e. ±0.3°C at 25°C) whilst sensing over a broad temperature range from -50°C to +110°C.        

IP67 integrity is assured with the AT-11’s sensing tip being sealed with the same TPE material as the single-insulated TPE leads during the moulding process – enabling the AT-11 to be used where moisture ingress can often be a problem for conventional epoxy-dipped sensors.  If an even higher sensor integrity (i.e. for continuous immersion) is required, ATC have a range of IP68 NTC or RTD temperature sensors are also readily available.

High quality and reliability is assured as some of the common applications for these sensors includes underfloor heating, heat pumps, rechargeable batteries, e-motors, automotive and industrial applications where the sensors could be sealed in concrete or just located in inaccessible spots.

ATC Semitec STS2 Ring Surface Temperature Sensors

Engineered for fast and accurate surface temperature measurement, our STS2 series of ring terminal sensors generally feature NTC thermistors embedded inside an over-moulded ring terminal design.  This feature not only ensures rapid response but also provides excellent electrical isolation and thermal insulation, minimising heat loss away from the sensor, helping to ensure accurate temperature readings.

Available with various ring sizes (M3, M4, M5 etc. up to M8), these bolt-on STS2 ring lug sensors offer exceptional performance at a competitive price point, making them a preferred choice for temperature-sensitive applications such as rechargeable batteries for robotic and e-v applications.

STS2 ring temperature sensors can be supplied with a variety of R25 value NTC thermistors or Pt100 or Pt1000 platinum RTD elements to suit your application, accuracy as tight as ±0.2°C or even smaller can be readily achieved.

ATC Semitec BTS5 Fast-Response Immersion Probes

Designed for air, gas or liquid temperature measurement, BTS5 immersion temperature probes deliver a rapid response time (typical Tc of < 1sec) thanks to the highly sensitive NTC located inside a thin-wall stainless steel sensing tip.  This fast-response probe section is welded to a larger standard-size mounting boss to allow installation using regular industry-wide mounting systems.

Originally designed for use in district heating systems with a push-fit mounting boss for plastic-bodied heat-exchangers, the BTS5 is also available with a ¼” BSPG screw threaded head for use in general gas boiler and other wet-heater applications.  This screw-boss version can also be used in industrial process applications and automotive cooling systems.  The BTS5 sensor ensures timely detection of temperature change helping to facilitate efficient temperature control.

The BTS5 is generally supplied with 10kohm R25 NTC thermistors (or any other R25 resistance value) but can also be supplied with RTD elements using Pt100 or Pt1000 elements.

“All these sensors are readily available from stock, offering both high quality and value-for-money ready-made temperature sensing solutions for a wide range of applications” said Rob Savin, ATC Semitec’s MD.  “With over 25 years’ experience in the temperature sensor and thermal management market, we offer engineers in-depth technical advice and support ensuring that the best possible sensor is selected for their application”

For expert advice and samples, NPI or NPD design engineers can contact our technical sales team on 01606 871680 or email  Our full range of sensors is available for view on our website at ATC Semitec are the UK’s leading distributor of temperature sensors and thermal management solutions, boasting over 25 years of experience in the field. With a commitment to supplying high quality, reliable, and innovative sensors, ATC Semitec continues to provide inventive temperature sensing solutions to industries worldwide.