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Precision NTC Thermistors

Our range of high precision NTC thermistors enable engineers to accurately control operating temperatures which is critical in many product applications within the automotive, home automation and medical device industries.

Precision thermistors are highly accurate with 0.5% resistance tolerances (or better) offering long term stability and control; their RT curve interchangeability eliminates the need for individual circuit calibration.  Available with ±0.2°C (0-70°C) accuracy or better, they can operate up to 150°C and so are also suitable for use in automotive applications.  With a wide range of R25 resistance values, B values and format types, please call us about specific requirements.

Using our extensive technical knowledge and innovative supplier base, we will work with you to provide the optimum solution for your product.

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  • Semitec AP-2 Ultra High Accuracy NTC Thermistors
    • RT curve-matched bead NTC thermistor
    • Extremely high accuracy (±0.5%) tolerances
    • Wide temperature range -60°C/+150°C
    • Rigid lead format NTC thermistor
    • Stock List: 202AP-2, 232AP-2, 502AP-2, 103AP-2, 103AP-2-A, 103APA-2, 203AP-2, 503AP-2, 104AP-2, 204AP-2
  • ATC Semitec SP Epoxy Bead High Accuracy Thermistor
    • Fast response design ·
    • Accuracy ±0.2K (over 0-70°C) ·
    • Interchangeable between NTC’s ·
    • Operating range -50 to 150° C
  • ATC Semitec SPMM Interchangeable Miniature Thermistor
    ATC Semitec SPMM Interchangeable Miniature NTC Thermistor
    • Extremely small temperature sensor (0.6mm diameter)
    • RT curve-matched NTCs
    • Operating range -50°C/+100°C
    • Size 0.60mm (dia) x 6mm (l) – enables use within medical devices and other multi-sensing applications
    • Wide range of resistance values, RT curves and accuracies.