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Surface Temperature Sensors

When monitoring surface temperatures, speed of response and minimal heat-loss is critical to obtain accurate temperature control. Thus the thermal mass of the surface temperature sensor should be as small as possible, combined with suitable thermal insulation where required.

ATC Semitec offer a range of NTC ring surface temperature sensors in plastic, metal and plastic/metal fittings to suit your application.


Thin-film JT NTC thermistor sensors offer very fast-acting response for electronics, air-sensing and medical applications; similar leaf-style high temperature sensors offer control accuracy up to 250°C in office automation products.

Pipe-clip surface temperature sensors can monitor internal fluid temperatures from the outside of the metal pipes on which they are located. Pipe diameters from 12mm to 28mm can be measured with accuracies as close as ±1K and thermal response times of less than 1 second.


These are just some of the standard surface sensor designs in the ATC Semitec range. Call us today on 01606 871680 to discuss your application’s thermal sensor requirements.  Using our extensive technical knowledge and innovative supplier base, we will work with you to provide the optimum solution for your product.

  • Flexible, thin film, NTC thermistors
    Semitec JT Ultra-Thin Flexible Film NTC Thermistor

    Semitec’s JT series of thermistors are ultra-thin flexible film NTCs that give a very fast response to temperature change.  Whilst increasingly used within medical device applications, it is a versatile thermistor which is used within battery packs, mobile devices and surface/air  temperature sensors.

    • One of thinnest available worldwide -less than 0.5mm thick.
    • Laminated within 2 polymer layers – flexible yet resilient.
    • Operating range -50°C/+125°C
    • Very fast response times.
    • Standard R25 values are 10kohms and 100kohms with lengths of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

    Stock parts include :  103JT-025, 103JT-050, 104JT-025 and 104JT-050.

  • ATC Semitec STS1 Pipe clip temperature sensor
    Semitec STS1 IP67 Clip-on Pipe Temperature Sensors

    IP67 rated pipe-clip temperature sensor from Semitec. Ideal for gas-boilers, instant water heaters and anti-legionnaires monitoring systems.

    • Fast and accurate response (Tcs≤ 1s)
    • Suitable for pipe diameter 12-22mm.
    • Operating range -20°C/+120°C
  • ATC Semitec RIng Surface Temperature Sensor
    ATC Semitec STS2 Ring Terminal Temperature Sensors

    Ring terminal temperature sensors available in plastic, metal or metal/plastic.

    Typical applications include for use in  electric vehicles, rechargeable batteries, power components, heat-sinks, and hot water appliances etc.

    • Fast response (Tcs≤ 5s)
    • Accuracy ±1% or better
    • Operating range -50°C/+150°C
    • Interchangeability between NTCs
    • Excellent long term reliability.
  • ATC Semitec STS3 Thin Flexible Film
    Semitec STS3 Thin Flexible Film Temperature Sensor

    A flexible JT film thermistor assembly from Semitec fitted with lead-wires and connector.

    This versatile temperature sensor is ideal for air-sensing, particularly for use in fire alarms and heat detectors, component and battery monitoring, rechargeable batteries and medical sensors.

    • Fast response design (Tc ≤ 1s)
    • High accuracy ±1%
    • Flexible sensing tip
    • Interchangeability between NTCs
    • Operating range up to -40°C /+125°C
  • ATC Semitec STS4 Flexible High Temperature Surface Sensor
    Semitec STS4 Flexible Surface Sensor for High Temperatures

    High temperature  flexible thermistor suitable for use in sensing high surface temperatures up-to 250°C.

    Typical applications include use in- laser-printers; photo-copiers; fax machines etc; hot plates and appliances.

    • Fast response design (Tc ≤ 1s)
    • High accuracy ±3%
    • Flexible sensing tip
    • Operating range up to 230°C
    • Excellent long term stability