Ceramic Wire-Wound RTD Elements

Ceramic wire-wound platinum RTD Elements from Sensor Technology Ltd. are characterised by extremely high stability, high-temperature capability, and high accuracy over a wide temperature range.  Sensors can measure the temperature of gases, liquids and solids, from -196ºC to 850ºC, with a precision between 0.012Ω and 0.12Ω at 0ºC or between 0.03°C and 0.3°C at 0°C.

The ceramic RTD construction design consists of a platinum coil (or depending on the version, two coils) encapsulated in a very high purity, aluminium oxide ceramic tube.  The empty spaces remaining between the platinum coil and the internal tube walls are filled with a material which allow the platinum contraction and expansion movement during temperature variations.

They have multiple applications, such as laboratory, process technology and high value-added equipment. Applications where a highly accurate measurement is necessary should be built with this sensor type and 4 extension wires, however, the 3-wire construction is the most commonly found.

For further technical information on Platinum Sensors, see our Frequently Asked Questions section

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  • KN Series Single Pt100 RTD Elements

    A single RTD Pt100 platinum coil element mounted inside a ceramic tube down to 1.0mm diameter or 8mm long minimum.  Accuracies from class B (W0.3) down to 1/10DIN (W0.03) are available.

    • Temperature Coefficient typically 3850 ppm
    • Temperature Range: -196°C to +850°C
    • Accuracies from W0.3 down to W0.03 (1/10DIN)
  • KN Series Duplex RTD Element

    Dual platinum coil temperature sensor elements.  A secondary platinum coil is integrated into the same ceramic body with two sets of different length lead-wires for easy identification.

    • Temperature Coefficient (TCR) typically 3850ppm
    • Temperature Range from -196°C to +850°C