Circuit Protection

ATC Semitec can help you with the design-in and supply of circuit protection components providing you with optimum circuit safety against a wide range of current, voltage and thermal overload conditions. Whatever your requirement we can advise you which of the following products within our Circuit Protection range would best fit your needs.

Our range of current limiting diodes or CRDs from Semitec are a very simple way of providing constant current circuits for LED control and protection over a wide voltage range (1V to 100V). By combining them in parallel or in series with a zener diode, even higher current and voltage ratings can be achieved.

ATC Semitec offer a wide range of Inrush Current Limiters from Thinking TKS with diameters from 5mm to 30mm. These are designed to protect front-end mains voltage supplies against current spikes at switch-on, giving protection against the blowing of fuses or tripping of circuit breakers and the damaging of components.

Semifuse PTC FUSES offer resettable over-current solid-state fuse protection in low voltage and mains voltage rated circuits in electronic applications. These are available as strap, radial and SMD formats with current values from 0.1A to 14A with voltage ratings up to 240V.

Semitec Zenamic and Thinking TVR metal oxide varistors (MOVs) in SMD multilayer, disc and block form offer over-voltage protection from 11V to 1000V with peak voltages to 6500V. Thermally protected versions are also available.

SEFUSE thermal fuses from Schott offer one-shot (one-time) ultimate thermal protection from 70°C to 240°C. Current ratings of 15A/250VAC means they can be safely used in appliance circuits up to 3kW. Even higher levels of reliability can be achieved by using SEFUSE SFH series or bimetal one-shot fuses.

SEFUSE SMD D6sc thermally fusible resistors give over-current protection of power MOSFETs in battery control circuits.

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