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1/2" Disc Thermostats

ATC Semitec stocks a comprehensive disc thermostat range from leading manufacturers Asahi Keiki and PEPI EAW.

Snap-action 1/2″disc bi-metal thermostats (or button thermostats) provide very reliable, cost-effective temperature control and thermal protection for domestic appliances and electronic circuits with a choice of manual or automatic reset available. These thermal switches can be supplied with tight tolerances and narrow differentials to make very effective thermostats; or they can be calibrated with wide differentials to provide over-temperature protection as either a thermal cut-out or a thermal limiter.

We can offer accurate temperature control from -20°C to +250°C, high switching capacities up to 16A/250VAC and numerous fixing and termination options.  Automatic reset, manual reset and electrical self-hold options make this a very flexible range of disc thermostats.  One-shot, single operation bi-metal thermal fuses and S.P.D.T. versions with “change-over” contacts are also now available.  Our disc stats carry both VDE and UL approvals.

Amongst other applications, snap-action disc thermostats can be used for surface and air-sensing thermal switch applications typically within:

  • Office automation products
  • Small domestic appliances
  • Large domestic appliances
  • Electric heating appliances

Call us today on 01606 871680 to discuss your application’s thermal sensor requirements.  Using our extensive technical knowledge and innovative supplier base, we will work with you to provide the optimum solution for your product.

  • ASAHI US-622 1/2" Disc Thermostats/Thermal Cut-Outs

    The Asahi US-622 disc thermostat is the workhorse control in the range.  Compact, high quality and competitively priced thermostats which can also be configured to operate as thermal cut-outs.

    • Calibration range: +10°C to +185°C (T200 housing)
    • Loads up to 16A/250VAC
    • Control, cut-out and one-shot options
  • ASAHI US-625 Ceramic 1/2"Disc Thermostats

    Asahi US-625 ceramic 1/2″disc thermostats offer high temperature control upto 250°C range.  By choosing a narrow or wide differential, the US-625 can either be a thermostat or a thermal cut-out.

    • Calibration range +10°C to +250°C (T260 housing)
    • Automatic reset (N/O, N/C contact options)
    • Loads up to 10A/250VAC
  • PEPI EAW KO/KS Automatic Reset 1/2"Disc Thermostat

    1/2″ disc thermostat with quick make/quick break switching action. Automatically resets at preset temperature.

    • Range -20°C/+190°C (T200 Rating)
    • Break Contact (KO) or Make Contact (KS) options
    • N/O, N/C, manual reset options
    • Loads up to 16A/250VAC
    • Gold plated contacts available
  • PEPI EAW CO/CS High Temperature 1/2" Disc Thermostats

    High temperature 1/2″ ceramic disc thermostat with quick make/quick break switching action with manual reset.

    • Range -20°C/+350°C (T350 Rating)
    • Break Contact (CO) or Make Contact (CS) options
    • N/O, N/C, manual reset options
    • Loads up to 16A/400VAC
  • ASAHI US-628 Waterproof Thermostats

    ASAHI US-628 disc thermostats are encapsulated, waterproof versions with integral lead-wires.  They have an automatic reset function and are available with normally-open or normally-closed contacts.

    • IP67 rated drip-proof housing
    • Max operating temperature 130˚C
    • Loads up to 5A/250VAC
  • Asahi US-802 TO-220 Compact Thermostat

    Slim space saving snap action thermostat.

    • TO-220 case, pcb mount thermostat
    • Range 40°C to 120°C in 5K increments
    • N/O, N/C contact options, 100k cycles
    • Single-point surface fixing, M3 hole
    • Typical applications consumer electronics, pcbs, power supply equipment