Low-Profile Thermostats

ATC Semitec’s range of low-profile thermostats offers users a unique combination of load and switching life-cycles in a conveniently thin package.  These thermostats have been expertly engineered to offer a minimum 100,000 contact operations at loads of up to 4A/250VAC.  The main four product types in this low-profile category are as follows;

PEPI J(A) Thermostats  –  This is the lowest profile thermostat in this category and has a live metal-case design.  The PEPI J(A) can be supplied with calibrations from 50°C to 160°C (in one degree steps) with a set-point tolerance of ±5K.  The temperature differential (or hysteresis) can be either 2K-10K or 5K-15K depending on the calibration setting.  Other temperature differentials also available according to the limits of the bimetal technology and temperature set-point.

Asahi US-630 Thermostats  –  Asahi’s US-630 plastic case thermostats use tried and tested 1/2″disc bimetal technology in their design.  The housing is only 6.1mm thick and a single thermostat or thermostat/thermal fuse combination can be supplied in this design.  Multiple thermostats can be supplied wired in series to give differing control levels with calibrations ranging from 0°C to 120°C.  Thermal differentials are typically 10±5K depending on the ultimate calibration setting.

Asahi US-638 Thermostats  –  Asahi’s US-638 thermostats are even thinner than the US-630 type at only 5.1mm thick.  They also use the same ultra-reliable 1/2″disc bimetal technology and can switch up to 100,000 cycles at 4A/250VAC.   Calibrations from 30°C to 100°C with tolerances of ±5K and thermal differentials of 10±5K are readily available.  The US-638 thermal control can also be supplied with fixing holes to help secure the thermostat in a precise location.

Matsuo MQT8K Thermostats  –  The MQT8K thermostat is the thinnest in the Matsuo range and is a superior twin-bimetal temperature switch offering unparalleled thermal control.  These precision bimetal thermostats have an internal structure that offers a unique combination of tolerance, differential and repeatability.  The twin bimetal system minimises calibration drift and ensures a long contact life from 100,000 cycles to 1 million cycles depending on the applied load.  Calibrations from -10°C up to 110°C with tolerances as small as ±1.5K.

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  • Snap-action, tight differential bimetal thermostat that gives excellent temperature control | ATC Semitec for samples and pricing
    PEPI J(A) Snap-Action Thermostats

    PEPI J(A)s are unique, snap-action control thermostats with a very narrow differential giving excellent temperature control.  They are rated for 100k cycles and are suitable for both 240VAC and 120VAC loads.

    • Only 4.1mm thick, live case design
    • Snap-action contacts, narrow differential
    • Calibrations from 55°C to 160°C
  • Matsuo MQT8K Compact, Low-profile Thermostats. Minimal long-term drift.
    Matsuo MQT8 Precision Thermostats

    Matsuo MQT8K or MQT8H thermostats are the smallest available in the range.  Very tight differentials and narrow tolerances make them ideal long-term temperature control solutions.

    • Small size: 6.4 x 12.5 x 34mm
    • Temperature set-points from -10°C to 110°C
    • Switching capacity of 1.3A/250VAC or 2A/125VAC
  • Low profile thermostat
    Asahi US-638 Thermostats

    Asahi US-638 thermostats are thinner versions of the US-630 at only 5.1mm thick.  The US-638 is designed for high-volume applications where cost and reliability are the main design criteria.

    • Only 5.1mm thick, insulated case
    • Snap-action contacts
    • Calibrations from 30°C to 100°C
  • Low-profile bimetal thermostats for controlling electric heating elements
    Asahi US-630 Thermostats

    Asahi US-630 thermostats are low-profile snap-action controls which are only 6.1mm thick.  They can be supplied fitted with an integral thermal fuse to offer ultimate in combined control and protection.

    • 6.1mm thick plastic case
    • Snap-action contact operation
    • Calibrations from 0°C to 120°C