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As we age and demands on our personal health increase from day-to-day, the need for new medical device solutions increases accordingly too.  Our range of NTC Thermistor sensors helps to meets those needs and also those of future medical device designs.

Semitec ET series Thermistors are small, fast-responding bead NTCs and have long been associated with clinical thermometer applications.

More recently, the Semitec F micro miniature sensor is fast becoming an industry standard used in ablation and various other catheter types.  The F micro sensor uses our unique thin-film FT thermistor as its sensing element and smaller and smaller iterations of the FT now means that a 0.28mm diameter temperature sensor is possible – the thermal time constant for this size of sensor is as fast as 20 milliseconds!

The FT Thermistor is an 0402 (or smaller 0201) size thin-film NTC sensor on a 150micron ceramic substrate that helps to produce an exceptionally fast thermal response.  As well as being used in various fast-response temperature sensors, it is also now used as the main temperature sensing element in diabetic patch monitors.  Future FT designs will be even smaller allowing for other minimally invasive applications as well as potentially internal organ monitoring.

Our flexible JT Thermistor is a very thin NTC element suitable packaged between two robust polymer films for surface-sensing applications.  They have been used in diabetic glucose monitors, wearable diagnostic devices and for monitoring internal battery pack temperatures inside ventilators.

In these medical battery packs, Semitec’s 103AT-4 and 103AT-2  NTC Thermistors are also used to offer battery pack protection and fuel-gauge feedback.  There is a very long and successful association between Semitec and battery protection Thermistors.

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For further technical information on Temperature Sensors, see our Frequently Asked Questions section or click on FAQ below.

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  • Miniature, fast response, high temperature glass SMD NTC. Less than 0.15mm thin. Semitec FT from ATC Semitec
    Semitec FT Thin Film High Temperature SMD Thermistor

    Semitec FT thin film thermistors outperform conventional SMD thermistors due to their miniature size, extreme thinness and high heat resistance.  Available as SMD, with radial /axial leads (FL type), within assemblies or ring sensors

    • Less than 0.15mm thin available
    • Wide temperature range; -50°C to +350°C
    • Thin substrate enables a very-fast response
    • Glass passivation ensures moisture resistance
  • Semitec F Micro Miniature Temperature Sensor
    Semitec F-micro Miniature Temperature Sensors

    Using the latest thin-film thermistor technology, Semitec’s F-micro miniature temperature sensor has been specifically designed for the medical instrument market.

    • Extremely fast response time (<52ms)
    • Laser trimmed high accuracy (±0.14K at 37°C)
    • Miniature 0.5mm (or 0.3mm) diameter tip
  • Semitec JT -Ultra thin flexible film NTC thermistor. Positioned close tot the heat source - 1% accuracy - fast response
    Semitec JT Ultra-Thin Flexible Film NTC Thermistor

    Semitec’s JT series thermistors are ultra-thin flexible film NTCs that provide a very fast response to temperature change.  Laminated within 2 polymer layers, it is one of thinnest available worldwide.

    • Maximum 0.5mm thickness ensures fast response time
    • Flexible film format, with various R25 values
    • Operating range -50°C/+125°C
  • Semitec ET-3H Small Bead Epoxy NTCs

    The ET-3H thermistor was originally developed for clinical thermometer applications. With bead sizes of 1.4mm (or less) and flexible wire.

    • Fast response time and high accuracy
    • R37 tolerances of ±1% or smaller
    • Long term reliability
  • SP Series High Accuracy NTC Bead Thermistors

    Our SP series are high accuracy, RT curve-matched NTC thermistors that are fully interchangeable.  Stock resistance values from 1k ohms to 100k ohms are readily available.

    • Accurate to ±0.2K (0°C to 70°C) or better
    • Fast response epoxy bead design
    • Operating temperature range: -50°C to 150°C
  • SPMM Miniature Interchangeable NTC Thermistors

    The SPMM series is a range of extremely small temperature sensors in which we can offer precision interchangeability.

    • Extremely small temperature sensor (0.6mm diameter)
    • Operating temperature range: -50°C to +100°C
    • Range of RT curves and accuracies offered
  • Semitec 10TP Fast Acting IR Sensing Device
    Thermopiles Non-Contact Infrared Sensors

    The Semitec 10TP series thermopile is a very fast-acting IR (infrared) sensing device suitable for non-contact applications.  Typical applications include clinical ear thermometers, PCR machines, etc.

    • Operating temperature range: -10°C to +100°C
    • Very Fast Response, Tc = 15ms
    • Built-in Temperature Compensation