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Non-Contact Infrared Sensors

ATC Semitec supply two forms of infrared sensor that measure high precision temperature measurement- by remotely detecting infrared heat from the target object – therefore providing measurement without any impact or physical effect.


These are ideal for surface temperature measurement over other alternatives such as contact probes where the measurement of thin film plastics, paper or high temperature glass or metals is almost impossible using traditional methods.

The NC sensor is a robust non-contact sensor primarily designed for use in office automation and other products with rotating motors whereas the thermopile is a very fast acting infrared sensor, often used in clinical thermometers.

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  • Semitec NC Non Contact Sensor
    NC Non-Contact Sensors F-Type

    The Semitec Non Contact (NC) sensor is a new concept in measuring infrared heat for temperature control of office automation products, and other products with rotating motors

    Utilising micro FT thermistor technology, Semitec have developed a sensor which can be easily installed, is self-compensating and can withstand more aggressive environments than conventional infra-red sensors.

    The sensor assembly consists of two high-precision thermistors. One detects IR radiation emitted from an object, and the other measures the ambient temperature for compensation. By using the temperature differential between the two measurement outputs the target temperature can be calculated

    The Semitec NC Non – Contact Sensor is ideally suited for temperature control of

    • fuser rollers in laser printers, fax machines and photo-copiers,
    • rotating motor parts particularly in automotive applications
    • temperature measurement of drugs, chemicals and in high pressure environments.

    Other Key features include:

    • High resistance to dust – very little deterioration in output is caused by dirt or toner particles.
    • High heat resistance – operating temperature range is from -10°C to 150°C., measuring temperature from -20°C to 260°C.
    • Resistant to electrical noise – no special housing required in micro-wave applications.
    • Simple to use – using a thermistor sensor, the output signal output is very high and easy to process.
  • Thermopile Non Contact Sensor
    Thermopiles - Non-Contact Infrared Sensors

    Our Semitec 10TP series thermopile is a very fast-acting infrared sensing device suitable for non-contact applications such as clinical ear-drum thermometers.
    The  Semitec 10TP583T thermopile is the result of silicon micro-machining technology where a series of miniature thermocouple junctions are combined to provide an output EMF based on the received infrared energy.

    • Operating temperature range is from -10°C to 100°C