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Thermistors & Platinum RTD Sensors

ATC Semitec offer the most comprehensive range of thermistors and platinum RTD sensors from innovative world class manufacturers.

With our technical expertise and knowledge, we can help you find the optimum solution for your requirements.  Whether it is a specific resistance value, high accuracy, wide temperature range or fast response time, we are confident that we have a thermistor or platinum sensor to meet those requirements.  As a result of long-term proven high quality and supply, our products are used in thousands of applications for temperature control and sensing across a large number of industries from E-Vehicles to miniature medical devices.

What is a thermistor?

Thermistors are thermally sensitive resistors whose resistance changes with temperature.  There are two main types;

  • NTC  –  In NTC thermistors, the resistance drops when the temperature increases
  • PTC  –  In PTC thermistors, the resistance rises when the temperature increases

NTC Thermistors are widely used for temperature measurement as their RT (Resistance-Temperature) characteristic is well defined and can be readily programmed into PICs etc. NTCs are available in a multitude of formats, whether glass beadedsurface mount, rigid or flexible leads all helping to simplify the assembly and reduce production costs.

PTC Thermistors are often used as solid-state fuses/thermal switches. Their simple step-function RT characteristic allows them to be easily incorporated into electronic circuitry. Also in the case of motor protection thermistors, several can be used in series to protect each phase of a 3-phase motor.

What is a platinum RTD sensor?

Platinum RTD sensors are thin-film/layers of platinum deposited on a ceramic substrate. The very stable platinum element exhibits a linear PTC characteristic in a known, repeatable manor. This linearity and unrivalled long term stability make platinum RTD sensors ideal for most industrial applications. The thin film elements of the sensor offer a performance equal to their standard wire counterparts, but with an improved price, size and convenience.

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