NTC Thermistors

What is a NTC thermistor?

By definition – NTC thermistors are highly sensitive thermal resistors that respond very quickly to rapid changes in temperature- the word thermistor itself is a contraction of “thermal” and “resistor”.

NTC thermistors are so-called because of the resistance of an NTC decreases with an increasing temperature and their R-T (Resistance – Temperature) is very accurately defined. The R-T accuracy combined with the fast rate of change (compared to RTDs and thermocouples) makes them ideal to incorporate in electronics control circuitry

How PTC and NTC work. Our expertise helps you make the right choice in temperature sensors.

Simply put, NTC thermistors are often the ‘basic’ temperature sensing elements found in a high percentage of temperature sensors assemblies and thermal probes, extensively used across numerous industries.




Benefits of using an NTC Thermistor?

NTC’s are frequently used in temperature sensing applications because they offer the following advantages;

  • Highly accurate with very quick response times to small changes in temperature.
  • Their R-T (Resistance – Temperature) characteristic is very well defined and can be readily programmed.
  • High level of stability and repeatability.
  • Lower cost to accuracy ratio than other sensor types
  • Available in a wide choice of form formats and sensor assemblies to suit applications or manufacturing.

Selection Guide

There are numerous variables you could consider when selecting the right NTC for your application – these are a good place to start!

High AccuracyWidest range of NTC thermistors including high accuracy, SMD, flexible lead, IP67, fast response from ATC Semitec

Many of our thermistor designs have become industry benchmarks, with 1% resistance tolerances or better as standard:

our high accuracy AP and SP series NTCs offer interchangeable, R-T curve matched temperature accuracy from 0~70°C or wider.

 High Temperature

For high temperature sensing - Semitec NT-4 - glass bead NTC- ATC Semitec

Depending on your application, we offer small bead Semitec NT glass encapsulated thermistors for moisture resistance, and accurate high temperature monitoring from -50° C to + 300° C. Our  miniature Semitec FT SMD  outperforms conventional SMD thermistors due to their miniature size, extreme thinness and high heat resistance

Flexible Leads

Semitec JTThese are NTCs which have flexible insulation to help simplify product assembly or provide unique monitoring solutions. Using flexible thermistors will help to speed up assembly and thus minimise production handling costs., particularly in space-critical projects. Their small bead size give faster, accurate sensing and/or temperature control in numerous domestic and commercial applications. Our most popluar flexible NTCs include the Semitec AT-4 and Semitec JT

Surface Mount NTC Chip Semitec FT

For surface mount applications, our SMD KT series NTC chips and ultra thin-film FT thermistors offer miniature sensor control options with package sizes down to EIA 0402 (EIAJ 1005) or smaller. These very small sizes ensure a fast response to temperature change.


Rigid Lead Wire

Our popular rigid-lead /pcb/ through hole NTCs are ideal for PCB mounting and incorporation into temperature sensors. When SMDs cannot offer the accuracy required, our radial lead designs can sense or control down to ±0.2°C or better.  A comprehensive range of R25 resistance values, B values and bespoke lengths, also in tape/reel format.


Temperature Sensor Assemblies

If your application requires an NTC  within specific housing ATC Semitec offer a range of temperature sensor assemblies designed to fit your application –  IP67/IP88 rated waterproof sensor assemblies, ring terminal assemblies for surface temperature sensing and immersion, in-line and clip-on temperature sensors for water/liquid temperature monitoring.

ATC Semitec STS2 Ring Terminal NTC temperature sensor

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