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NTC Thermistors

ATC Semitec’s NTC thermistors are highly sensitive thermal resistors that respond very quickly to rapid temperature change. They have a high TCR (Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance) which means the change of resistance per degree Celsius is also very high, making them very easy to incorporate in electronic circuitry.

Additional benefits of these NTCs includes a high level of stability, repeatability, many form factors and a low cost. This makes them the temperature sensor of choice for numerous applications in industrial, medical, consumer appliance, and automotive applications.

Many of our thermistor designs have become industry benchmarks, with 1% resistance tolerances or better as standard: our high accuracy AP and SP series thermistors offer interchangeable, R-T curve matched temperature accuracy from 0~70°C or wider. Depending on your application, we offer NT glass encapsulated thermistors for moisture resistance, AT-4 flexible lead-wire versions for simplified battery assembly or very thin film JT thermistors in space-critical projects.

For surface mount applications, our SMD KT series NTC chips and thin-film FT thermistors offer miniature sensor control options with package sizes down to EIA 0402 (EIAJ 1005) or smaller. These very small sizes ensure a fast response to temperature change, hence facilitating their use in miniature medical temperature sensors, room thermostats and numerous other applications.

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