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PCB/Through Hole Thermistors

Our wide range of NTC thermistors includes several rigid-lead versions ideal for p.c.b. mounting.  When surface mount thermistors simply cannot offer the accuracy required, our radial lead designs can sense or control down to ±0.2°C or better.

Our thermistor series can be summarised as follows;

AT-2 Series – 1% tolerance industry standard thermistors from 1k to 100k ohms

AT-5 Series – 1% tolerance NTCs with tape & reel availability

AP-2 Series – 0.5% tolerance thermistors offering RT curve-matched accuracy

ATC3 Series – 1% tolerance NTCs with a wide range of values from 1k to 490kohms

We offer the widest range of R25 resistance values, B values and bespoke lengths.

Using our extensive technical knowledge and innovative supplier base, we will work with you to provide the optimum solution for your application.

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  • Semitec AT-2 High Accuracy NTC Thermistor

    The Semitec AT-2 range of NTC thermistors were the first to use lead-frame technology to create consistently accurate 1% tolerance NTC’s at a significant lower-cost than other NTC products. Their unified shape enables automatic assembly.

    The AT-2 is a very popular NTC thermistor, widely used across numerous industries.

    Available from stock.


  • Semitec AT-5 Lead In NTC Thermistor

    Semitec 103AT-5 thermistors incorporate the same NTC element as the 103AT-2 but are fitted with 30mm long solid bare lead-wires (0.5mm dia) and can be supplied in bulk form or tape & reel or ammo-pack.

    Call our technical sales team to discuss any auto-insertion requirements you have for NTC thermistors.

  • Semitec AP-2 Ultra High Accuracy NTC Thermistors

    Our popular Semitec AP thermistors offer an even higher accuracy than our Semitec AT  thermistors with a 150°C Tmax rating. With  0.5% resistance tolerances from –60˚C to + 80˚C .They are used within a wide variety of applications from battery chargers to temperature sensors.

    We stock an extensive stock range from  2.00 kΩ – 200kΩ


  • ATC Semitec High Accuracy NTC Thermistor
    ATC Semitec ATC3 Radial High Accuracy NTC Thermistor

    ATC Semitec’s  series of NTC thermistors offer our widest range of resistance values. With a large range of accuracies and lead types, these offer a cost effective solution. Offer high accuracy over  temperature range -40°C/+125°C.

  • Semitec ET Miniature Epoxy NTC Thermistor

    Originally designed for clinical thermometer applications, this small bead NTC thermistor is very versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

    Very fast response times and high accuracy make it a universal choice for low-cost medical, domotic and energy meter applications.  Available point-calibrated to maximise accuracy and minimise unit cost.

    Rigid wire and flexible insulated lead-wire versions in custom lengths available