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PEPI Bimetal Thermal Fuses

ATC Semitec’s range of ‘single-shot’ bimetal thermal fuses or cut-offs from PEPI offer superior and reliable thermal protection particularly at high temperatures, especially above 200°C where pellet fuses can often be less reliable. They have the benefit of offering a wider range of temperatures between the points of opening and closure.

Ceramic versions are also available offering settings up to 280°C.

These high temperature thermal fuses from PEPI (Portage Electric Products Inc) use unique bimetal technology which stops them from resetting, even at temperatures as low as -35°C. They do not suffer from thermal ageing like eutectic fuses, so can be more closely coupled to the appliance or heater providing fast accurate protection.

These fuses are highly versatile in how they can be tailored to meet your individual application- including operating temperature ranges, lead lengths, added terminals, insulting sleeves etc.

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  • Pepi H9 bimetal thermal fuse, snap action, ultra small, fast response
    PEPI H9 Ultra Small Fast Response Thermal Fuse

    Fast response snap action single operation thermal fuse. The phenolic resin case provides high temperature isolation. Ideal for use with office equipment, kitchen, home and personal care small appliances. Temperature range 130°C~260°C.
    Ratings:  PEPI H9  15A/250VAC ,  PEPI H10 1A/50Vdc



  • PEPI J2 Snap Action Bi-Metal Fuse
    PEPI J2 Snap Action Bi-Metal Fuse

    A snap action thermostat that functions like a non-resettable type control. This single operation thermostat performs like a thermal fuse with the reliability of a 100% tested bimetallic thermal control. Temperature range: 70°C~160°C

  • PEPI H1 One-Shot Fuses
    PEPI H1 One-Shot Thermal Fuses

    A range of low-profile one-shot bimetal thermal fuses offering superior and ultimate over temperature protection. The bimetal is specifically formed to snap open at its pre-determined setting and will not reset, even at temperatures as low as -35°C.
    They can be mounted directly onto the heater surface to provide fast accurate protection.



  • PEPI H3 Fast Response One-Time Fuse
    PEPI H3 Fast Response One-Time Fuses

    • Fast response snap-action single-operation thermal control
    • Phenolic resin case isolates fuse from electrical circuit
    • Suitable for high temperature application
    • Even faster response using exposed bi-metal
    • Temp range 130°C~260°C
    • Rated to 10A/240VAC• C-UL, VDE approvals
    • Ideal for use with office automation equipment and small appliances

    Also available as:

    PEPI H4 – contact rating 0.5A/50VDC

    PEPI H5 – contact rating 15A/125VAC   (10 A/250VAC)

  • PEPI H8 High Temp Fuses
    PEPI H8 High Temperature One-Shot Fuses

    • Ultra- fast response times
    • Ceramic case allows operation up to 280°C
    • Temp range 250°C~280°C
    • Offers ultimate safety for high temp applications, such as hair stylers or small appliances.
    • Rated to 10A/250VAC
    • TuV, C-UL approvals