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PEPI Probe Thermal Cut-Outs

PEPI thermal cutouts provide over-temperature control and thermal protection from 5°C to 200°C. PEPI protectors can be calibrated down to a ±5K tolerance and with a wide temperature differential, they offer a compact solution to solve over-temperature problems.  The latest PEPI FCP and PEPI ST01 thermal protectors offer combined thermal/current overload protection and can readily switch up to 8A/250VAC or 12A/24VDC.

One of PEPI’s neatest designs is an integral “self-hold” thermal and current sensitive cut-out, the model JS. The PEPI JS protector latches open after tripping and is then reset remotely, thus offering the same benefit as fitting a manual-reset cut-out but without the disadvantage of having to access it.

All PEPI thermal protection devices carry a range of international safety approvals (e.g. VDE, UL, CSA) to the latest EN and IEC standards.

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  • Snap action bimetal thermal cut-outs
    PEPI J Series Thermal Cut-Outs

    PEPI J snap-action thermal bimetal cut-outs

    • Operating Temperatures: 60°C to 160°C
    • High sensitivity to temperature change
    • Contact ratings to 15A/250VAC, 10A/12VDC
  • Snap-action self hold thermal protector : ATC Semitec
    PEPI J(S) Self-Hold Thermal Cutouts

    A snap-action, self-hold thermal protector

    • Suitable for 240VAC or 120VAC loads
    • Nominal temperature settings from 60°C-160°C
    • Built-in resistor that stops auto-resetting until the applied load is removed
  • Thermal protection for small appliances, electric motors
    PEPI FCP Thermal Cut-outs

    PEPI FCP (FC-P2D) thermal cut-outs have an isolated case with an automatic reset function.  With a wide differential, the PEPI FCP is ideal for protecting small appliances, electric motors, transformers, etc.

    • Temperature settings from 50°C to 130°C in 5K steps
    • Insulated PBT plastic housing
    • Compact design 4 x 7.5 x 15mm
  • Thermal cut out for Motors, Lighting, Transformers : ATC Semitec
    PEPI F Thermal Cut-Outs

    Versatile snap-action thermal cut-outs

    • Nominal temperature calibration 60°C to 150°C
    • Contact ratings up to 8A/250 VAC, also 277VAC
  • Snap action thermal cut out, Brass casing
    PEPI ST01 Series Thermal Cut Out

    PEPI ST01 series is a snap action thermal cut out.

    • Nominal calibration temperature 60°C- 160°C
    • Snap action design, quick break/quick make
      switching action
    • Brass case provides good thermal conductivity