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PEPI Thermal Protectors

PEPI thermal protectors from ATC Semitec offer superior and reliable over-temperature protection from 5°C to 200°C with current ratings up to 15A/250VAC.  Their neat design small package sizes help to protect circuits in the tightest of spaces.

PEPI bi-metal protectors can be supplied as automatic-reset limiters, self-hold cut-outs or even one-shot fuses offering different levels of safety depending on what the application or approval standard requires.  PEPI C and V thermostats are auto-resetting whereas the low-profile PEPI JS offers self-hold, non-resetting protection for both 240VAC and 120VAC.

PEPI J-2 and PEPI H bimetal fuses offer the ultimate in reliable thermal protection, with some ceramic versions offering over-temperature protection up to 280°C.

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  • PEPI C&CR Creep action thermostat
    PEPI C & CR Creep-Action Thermostats

    Universal close-control bimetal thermostat with calibrations from 5°C to 200°C. Gold-diffused contacts available for use in critical low voltage/low current applications. No built-in differential between opening and closing temperatures.


  • PEPI V & VA Ultra Small Thermostats

    Snap-action battery protector in ultra-small plastic case. Offers overcharge and short circuit protection in rechargeable battery packs. Suitable for DC applications.


  • PEPI J2 Snap Action Bi-Metal Fuse
    PEPI J2 Snap Action Bi-Metal Fuse

    A snap action thermostat that functions like a non-resettable type control. This single operation thermostat performs like a thermal fuse with the reliability of a 100% tested bimetallic thermal control. Temperature range: 70°C~160°C

  • PEPI H1 One-Shot Fuses
    PEPI H1 One-Shot Thermal Fuses

    A range of low-profile one-shot bimetal thermal fuses offering superior and ultimate over temperature protection. The bimetal is specifically formed to snap open at its pre-determined setting and will not reset, even at temperatures as low as -35°C.
    They can be mounted directly onto the heater surface to provide fast accurate protection.