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PEPI Thermostats

PEPI thermostats from ATC Semitec provide accurate temperature control and thermal protection from 5°C to 200°C.  With calibration tolerances of ±3K and temperature differentials as small as 10K (or even smaller in creep-action designs) a PEPI thermal switch offers the best control to cost ratio available.

PEPI C thermostats have creep-action contacts which can give very close control up to 200°C.  PEPI J(A) thermostats are the ultimate low-profile controls offering accurate snap-action control upto 160°C and 4A/250VAC.  PEPI model N and V thermostats are synonymous with rechargeable battery temperature control and are the smallest controls of their kind.

All PEPI thermostats carry a range of international safety approvals (e.g. VDE, UL, CSA) to the latest EN and IEC standards.

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Please also see our downloadable ‘how-to’ guide to thermal controls. Great advice including choosing optimum applications for working with bimetallic devices and tips on improving their performance. 

  • PEPI C&CR Creep action thermostat
    PEPI C & CR Creep-Action Thermostats

    PEPI C thermostats (or PEPI CR thermal switches) are universal, close-control bimetallic thermostats.  With tight tolerances and slow-make/slow-break contacts, they achieve very close temperature control.

    • Factory calibrations from 5°C to 200°C in 1K steps
    • Available as normally-closed (PEPI C ) or normally-open (PEPI CR)
    • Gold-diffused contacts available for low-voltage/low-current loads
  • PEPI J(A) Snap-Action Thermostats

    PEPI J(A)s are unique, snap-action control thermostats with a very narrow differential giving excellent temperature control.  They are rated for 100k cycles and are suitable for both 240VAC and 120VAC loads.

    • Only 4.1mm thick, live case design
    • Snap-action contacts, narrow differential
    • Calibrations from 55°C to 160°C
  • PEPI N & NR Miniature Thermostats

    Miniature thermostats for small spaces.

    • Calibration range 30-130 °C
    • Available in open or close on temperature rise
    • No built in differential between opening and closing temperature
    • Mini package 15.2 x 5.1 x 3.01 mm
  • PEPI V & VA Ultra Small Thermostats

    Snap-action battery protectors in an ultra-thin, small plastic case.  The PEPI V and PEPI VA devices offer overcharge, overload and/or short-circuit protection in rechargeable battery packs.

    • Calibrations: From 45°C to 100°C
    • Nickel straps for spot-welding
    • Suitable for DC applications