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Platinum RTDs & Linear PTC Sensors

Why use a Platinum RTD Sensor?

Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (or PRTDs) are highly stable temperature sensors widely used throughout many industries, controlling temperatures up to 500°C or even higher.

Our Pt elements are manufactured by Heraeus using a thin layer of Platinum deposited onto a ceramic substrate which is then laser-trimmed to meet the exacting requirements of DIN EN 60751 (IEC 751). They have a linear PTC characteristic which is very well defined and readily interchangeable with other Pt elements of the same tolerance class; Class A, Class B, 1/3 DIN etc.
They have been used for many decades to measure temperature in laboratory and industrial processes and have a deserved reputation for high accuracy, excellent repeatability and high stability.

Typical applications include;

  • Automotive electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Medical electronics

We also supply IP68 rated Platinum sensors and SKTY PTC linear sensors which have a steeper slope offering improved accuracy up to 150°C.

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  • Heraeus Platinum Pt100, Pt500,& Pt1000 RTD Sensor Elements

    The Heraeus range of thin-film 2-wire platinum sensors are some of the smallest RTD elements available, conforming to DIN EN 60751 (IEC 751). Laser-trimmed for high accuracy and sealed in glass to ensure complete life-time integrity.

    • Stable and suitable for use up to 500°C (Class B) or 300°C (Class A)
    • Very fast response times
  • IP68 rated probe thermistor sensor - ATC Semite
    ATC Semitec IP68 Waterproof Platinum Sensors

    For applications where a high IP rating is required, our ATC Semitec IP68 Pt100 (or Pt500/Pt1000) sensors ensure that water ingress will not be a problem.

    • IP68 rating
    • Temperature range: -50 to +110ºC (can be used to 125°C for periods of up to 3000 hours)
    • High accuracy of ±0.15K
    • 4 wire Class A platinum sensors are available offering an even higher degree of accuracy
  • ATC Semitec SKTY Sensors & Linear PTC Elements
    ATC Semitec SKTY Sensors & Linear PTC Elements

    The SKTY series linear PTC sensing elements offer replacements for the once common KTY temperature sensors.

    • Operating temperature range: -50°C to +150°C
    • R25 tolerance ±1% at 25°C
    • Excellent long-term stability