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PTC Thermistors

  • Motor Protection PTC Thermistors

    ATC Semitec stock a full range of motor protection PTC thermistors.  At its thermal switching point (Ts), the PTC resistance increases dramatically from a few hundred ohms to several thousand ohms over a few degrees, allowing the PTC to act as a solid-state thermal switch to trigger an electronic circuit used to switch off.

    • Temperature switch points: 60°C to 190°C in 10K steps
    • Max Voltage: 30VDC
    • Standard Lead Length: 200mm
  • SMD PTCs as Thermal Switches

    The TPM series of SMD PTC thermistors are frequently used as thermal switches in electronic circuits. Their small size (0402, 0603 or 0805) and step change RT curve (at their trip point) makes these solid-state temperature switches ideal for small spaces and are very simple to incorporate.

    • Temperature switch points: 65°C to 135°C
    • Available with several R25 (resistance at 25°C) values
    • Max Voltage: 30VDC
  • PTCs as Resettable Current Fuses

    Ceramic PTC re-settable current fuses offer several benefits over conventional fuses by effectively limiting the through current.

    • A range of 120ºC trip available
    • Max voltage: 270VDC
  • PTC Elements as Self-Regulating Heaters

    PTC thermistor can operate as a self-regulating heater by varying resistance with temperature.

    • Range of Tc devices available between 30°C and 240°C
    • Voltages between 24V to 240V (DC)