RTD Temperature Sensor Assemblies

YAGEO Nexensos not only supply a wide range of platinum RTD elements but also temperature sensor assemblies in various formats.  Of all the numerous sensor designs, two of the most interesting are as follows;

EC3032 temperature sensors are high integrity, encapsulated RTD sensors primarily designed for use in e-vehicle e-motor applications.  Their small size and IP68 insulation rating makes them ideal for use in the e-motor stator windings and they are also impervious to varnish ingress and other fluids such as oil or grease.  Using a Pt1000B element as standard, the 410mm PTFE long leads make this a very versatile sensor that can be used from -50°C to +200°C.

Our PCB RTD temperature sensors are basically chip RTD elements pre-soldered onto printed circuit boards (PCBs) originally designed for use in domestic calorimeters.  The PCB has a meandering, zigzag circuit path to help minimise heat loss from the RTD to improve temperature measurement accuracy.  These RTD PCB sensors are sometimes preferred to NTC versions, as their inherent long-term stability is extremely important when accurately measuring and apportioning consumer energy consumption in district heating systems.

At ATC Semitec, we listen to your requirements and preferences, then work with experts in YAGEO Nexensos to supply you with anything from a simple part modification, to a totally new product development. As well as standardised products, for volume applications we produce solutions according to your needs and budget.

For further technical information on Platinum Sensors, see our Frequently Asked Questions section

Call us today on 01606 871680 or complete the Contact us form, to discuss your application’s thermal sensor requirements.  Using our extensive technical knowledge and innovative supplier base, we will work with you to provide the optimum solution for your product.

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  • YAGEO Nexensos PCB Platinum RTD Sensor Image
    YAGEO Nexensos RTD PCB Sensor Assembly

    These YAGEO Nexensos p.c.b. temperature sensors use SMD Pt100 (or Pt500 or Pt1000) chip elements to create a very neat solution for calorimeters and other heat-source measurement devices.

    • Pt100, Pt500 or Pt1000 Options
    • Available on 3 different p.c.b. sizes
    • Temperature range; -40°C to +150°C
  • YAGEO Nexensos EC3032 IP68 E-Motor Temperature Sensor
    YAGEO Nexensos EC3032-IP68 RTD Sensor Assembly

    The YAGEO Nexensos EC3032 E-motor Pt1000 temperature sensor is ideal for e-vehicle motors and other high end electric motor applications. The EC3032 is a fully encapsulated, IP68 rated sensor. Qualified to IATF 16949 standards.

    • IP68 Encapsulated Temperature Sensor
    • Pt1000B High-Integrity Element
    • 200°C Continuous (250°C short-term)
  • YAGEO Nexensos PY (W-SZK) RTD Surface Temperature Sensor

    Yageo Nexensos PY (W-SZK) sensors are robust platinum RTD temperature probes with through-hole mounting.  The tough PPE encapsulated housing is fitted with 2.5m long 24AWG double-insulated cable.

    • Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor enclosed in tough PPE housing
    • Single mounting hole for ease of fixing
    • For use from -20°C to +110°C
  • IP68 rated probe thermistor sensor - ATC Semite
    IP68 RTD Temperature Sensor Probes

    Our IP68 platinum temperature sensors offer an even higher water-proof integrity than the W-SZK type. Water ingress is not an issue and these probes are available with Pt100, Pt500 or Pt1000 RTD elements.

    • IP68 waterproof temperature sensor
    • Use from -50°C to +110°C (125°C short term use)
    • Single & double-insulated versions with dielectric up to 3.75kV