Semitec FT Series - Miniature Thin Film Temperature Sensors

The future of ultra-fast temperature sensing is here NOW with the Miniature Semitec FT

As one of the world’s thinnest temperature sensors, the Semitec FT outperforms conventional SMDs and NTC’s  due to their miniature size, exceptionally fast response time and wide temperature range . Their small size and thinness allows them to be integrated into products with minimal impact on the available space.


Miniature, fast response, high temperature glass SMD NTC. Less than 0.15mm thin. Semitec FT from ATC Semitec


High Speed Response Time

As a result of their smaller thermal capacity, the Semitec FT has an amazing Tc of only 0.2 sec compared to 2.2 sec from standard 0402 SMDs.

This high-speed response time ensure maximum safety in critical applications such as medical, personal care, batteries and e-mobility markets.


The Semitec FT-R outperforms other standard products

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Response Time (Tc)

  • Temperature Rating
  • FT-R (0402)
  • 0.2 sec
  • 350° C
  • FT (0402)
  • 1.0 sec
  • 350° C
  • Standard SMD (0402)
  • 2.2 sec
  • 125° C/ 150° C
  • Glass NTC
  • 6 sec
  • 300° C



The Semitec FT is manufactured using vapour deposition and MEMS technology and consists of these highly productive and uniform NTC thermistors being formed on one side of a thin 0.15micron alumina substrate.

Since these thin-film thermistors are thinner and smaller in volume than other thermistors they enable the super high-speed temperature measurement within restricted and confined spaces, close to the heat source where installation and measurement were previously difficult.



  • Glass passivation helps seal the Semitec FT against moisture ingress and facilitates high temperature measurement up-to 350C.
  • Laser trimmed to very high accuracy for use as temperature sensors in applications such as catheters in medical applications.
  • It’s flat metallised backing  gives improved thermal coupling with its surfaces resulting in faster & more accurate recording in changes of temperature -this is compared to conventional thermistors where the heat-sensitive part is oval and coated with glass or resin for insulation.
  • Available in EIAJ1608, 1005 or 0603 packages (or even smaller)
  • Nominal resistance (R25) values of 10kohms, 50kohms, 100kohms and 360kohms are available as standard.  Other resistance values available in request for volume applications.
  • Point calibrations also possible to enhance spot temperature accuracy.



  • Our Semitec FT is readily available in various housing formats and for volume applications customisation is available.   Our  current range of housings include :

F-Micro                                        With axial leads                                                Assembly                                          Pipe Clip





The Semitec FT thin film NTC thermistor’s diminutive size and rapid response make it versatile for various applications, where precise and rapid temperature measurement is essential.

Examples include:

Battery Temperature Monitoring:  Their size and speed of response ensures that the Semitec FT/FT-R is ideal for use within battery cell packs and pouches, allowing them to be placed very close to the heat source, and therefore maximising both safety and longevity/ performance. For more information on Battery Temperature Sensors

Personal Care:  High temperature resistance, and speed of response makes this miniature film NTC ideal for use in personal care and hair styling products.

E-Vs: The FT can be employed in engine temperature monitoring, climate control systems, battery management, and other applications where efficient and fast temperature sensing is critical. For more information on E-V Sensing.

Medical Devices: The small form factor and quick response time make the Semitec FT thermistor suitable for medical devices requiring precise and rapid temperature monitoring, such as  electronics thermometers, thermodilution catheters, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring systems. For more information on medical temperature sensors

Industrial Automation: For temperature control in manufacturing processes, HVAC systems, and other applications requiring real-time temperature feedback

Wearable Technology: Their small size and rapid response make the Semitec FT suitable for wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and glucose/health monitoring equipment. For more information on sensors for wearable technology


In summary, the Semitec FT thin film NTC thermistor’s compact size and rapid response time opens up a broad range of applications across industries, contributing to improved and sustained  performance and efficiency in temperature-sensitive systems.


For further technical information on the Semitec FT series, or request samples, please call us today on 01606 871680 or complete the  Contact us form,  Using our extensive technical knowledge and innovative supplier base, we will work with you to provide the optimum solution for your product.


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  • Miniature, fast response, high temperature glass SMD NTC. Less than 0.15mm thin. Semitec FT from ATC Semitec
    Semitec FT Thin Film High Temperature SMD Thermistor

    Semitec FT thin film thermistors are miniature SMD NTCs, extremely fast with a high temperature rating up to 350°C.  Available as SMD, radial (FT-ZM) or axial lead (FL type) versions.

    • Very fast-response, only 0.15mm thick
    • Wide temperature range; -50°C to +350°C
    • Moisture resistant glass passivation
  • Semitec F Micro Miniature Temperature Sensor. For catheter, scientific and medical device applications
    Semitec F-micro Miniature Temperature Sensors

    Using the latest thin-film thermistor technology, Semitec’s F-micro miniature temperature sensor has been specifically designed for the medical instrument market.

    • Extremely fast response time (<52ms)
    • Laser trimmed high accuracy (±0.14K at 37°C)
    • Miniature 0.5mm (or 0.3mm) diameter tip
  • ATC Semitec STS1 Pipe Clip Temperature Sensor
    STS1 Clip-on Pipe Temperature Sensors

    The STS1 pipe-clip temperature sensor is IP67 rated and using our FT thin-film thermistor, it offers a very fast thermal response.  Suitable for Legionnaires monitoring and hot water boiler systems.

    • Typical Time Constant (Tc) = ≤1s
    • Temperature Accuracy at 85°C is ±1°C
    • IP67 rated housing
  • Flexible film NTC assembly. Uses Semitec FT series to give ultra fast response time
    Semitec STS4 Flexible Surface Sensor for High Temperatures

    High temperature flexible thin-film NTC thermistor sensors for monitoring surface temperatures up to 230°C.  E-V battery monitoring systems, personal care ,office automation and catering applications all benefit from using these “soft touch” sensors.

    • Fast response design (Tc ≤ 1s)
    • High temperature point calibrations e.g. at 180°C
    • Operating range up to 230°C