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Sensor Elements with Leads

Heraeus Nexenos - Manufacturer of Pt100, 500 and 1000 platinum sensors

Wide range of Heraeus Nexensos Platinum Sensors available from ATC Semitec

Heraeus Nexensos’ wired platinum sensor elements are designed for either PCB mounting or for use in temperature sensor assemblies.  The wide range of chip sizes available ensures that there is a suitable product for your application.

Our M-series platinum elements are the best choice for general applications, being suitable for use from -70°C to +500°C.  Pt100, Pt500 and Pt1000 options are available on chips as small as 2mm x 2mm square with even smaller formats now offered.

Pt100, Pt500 and Pt1000 resistance options

The L-series elements are constructed with AgPd lead wires which are the most suitable for soft-soldering.  L-series products are suitable for use from -70°C to +400°C with Pt100, Pt500 and Pt1000 resistance options.

H-series elements provide temperature sensing options at extended high temperatures up to 850°C, whereas C-series elements are at the opposite end of the scale providing temperature control in cryogenic applications.

Heraeus have also developed the dedicated H540S “micro-heater” which can be accurately used up to 850°C.  Various uses include airflow sensors, laboratory instruments and biomedical applications.  Bespoke versions can be supplied for high volume enquiries.

Need more technical technical information on Platinum Sensors – see our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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  • Pt100 & Pt1000 sensor elements for cryogenic applications
    Heraeus C Series - Cryogenic Elements

    Heraeus C series thin-film PRTDs are suitable for use in cryogenic applications and combine the curve characteristics of ceramic wire-wounds with the vibration resistance of glass wire-wounds.

    • Temperature range from -196°C to +500°C
    • Pt100 & Pt1000 sensor elements for cryogenics
    • Various sizes and temperature ranges available
  • Platinum Elements with soft-solderable AgPd lead wires
    Heraeus L Series Platinum Elements

    Heraeus L series have easy to solder lead wires and are characterised by their long-term stability and excellent precision over a wide temperature range.

    • Temperature Range from -50°C to +400°C
    • Temperature Coefficient (TCR) typically 3850 ppm
    • Constructed with soft-solderable AgPd lead wires
  • Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 Platinum Temperature Sensor Elements
    Heraeus M Series Platinum Elements

    Our M-series platinum sensor elements are our best selling range as they offer the widest choice of size, resistance values and accuracy.  Sizes as small as 1.25 x 1.7mm up to 2 x 10mm are readily available.

    • Accuracies from Class B to 1/3DIN
    • Temperature range -70°C to +500°C
    • Widest range of sizes and formats
  • Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 Platinum Sensor Elements in ceramic body
    Heraeus MR Series Platinum Elements

    Heraeus MR828 series platinum temperature sensors are thin-film elements packaged in a round ceramic body.  Two diameters are available as well as single/duplex element options.

    • Temperature range from -70°C to +500°C
    • Temperature coefficient (TCR) typically 3850 ppm
    • Protective ceramic housing, 2.8mm or 4.5mm diameter
  • Heraeus HD421 HIgh Temperature Platinum RTD Temperature Sensor
    Heraeus H Series High Temperature Elements

    Heraeus H series platinum sensors are excellent for high temperature applications up to 900°C.  Excellent for automotive and laboratory oven or some furnace applications.

    • Different TCR options, 3770 ppm and 3850 ppm
    • High temperature range between -70°C and +900°C
    • Pt100, Pt200 and Pt1000 resistance options
  • Heraeus PRTD miniature heating element
    Heraeus H540S Micro-heater

    Platinum micro-heaters are characterised by their long-term stability and excellent precision over a wide temperature range.  These miniature heating elements allow gases, solids or liquids to be heated with high precision and a short reaction time.

    • Temperature Range from -25°C to +850°C
    • Temperature Coefficient (TC): 3850 ppm/K
    • Platinum (Pt) Wires