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Surface Mount Sensors

Heraeus provide a wide selection of Pt temperature sensors for diverse contacting technologies, measuring temperatures, resistors, and applications.

ATC Semitec supply Heraeus sensors in non-integrated, integrated, surface-mounted device (SMD), wired, or non-wired forms, depending on the specific requirement. We will gladly develop customised solutions in cooperation with the customer, and produce in large volume for low-cost prices.

Call us today on 01606 871680 to discuss your application’s thermal sensor requirements.  Using our extensive technical knowledge and innovative supplier base, we will work with you to provide the optimum solution for your product.

  • Heraeus 1206 SMD Pt100 Platinum Sensors
    Heraeus SMD Platinum Elements

    Surface mount RTD Elements designed for automated p.c.b. mounting in high-volume applications.  Three sizes 0603, 0805 and 1206 are available together with AEC-Q200 automotive qualified versions.

    • Pt100 or Pt1000 versions available
    • Temperature Range from -50°C to +130°C
    • Temperature Coefficient (Tc) typically 3850ppm
  • Heraeus-Sinterable-SMD
    Heraeus Sinterable Temperature Sensor

    The topside metallisation is developed for Al-thick wire bonding and the backside is designed for silver sinter processes with and without pressure, whilst both sides are electrically isolated such that no additional structuring is needed for direct sintering.

    • Temperature coefficient (TC): 3850 ppm/K
    • Temperature range from -50 °C over +200 °C


  • Heraeus-TO-Sensor
    Heraeus SOT / TO Sensors

    Characterised by a standardised signal according to DIN EN 60751, interchangeability, excellent long time stability and accuracy.

    • Temperature Coefficient (TC) typically 3850 ppm
    • Temperature Range from -50°C to +150°C