NTC Temp Sensors


What would be the best temperature monitoring sensor for your application?

Temperature sensors come in all shapes and sizes. Our different types vary from  simple plastic encapsulations for air-sensing applications to sophisticated leaf-spring designs, offering precision control of surface temperatures up to 250°C. Fast response temperature sensors utilising exposed bead NTC thermistors or thin wall tubes, help to control rapidly changing temperatures in air or fluids up to 200°C.

Semitec JT Flexible NTC Thermistor Series | ATC Semitec

Single-insulated 103AT-11 and double-insulated TPE encapsulated temperature probes use 0.5% tolerance NTCs to ensure accurate temperature control to ±0.15K. These thermistor sensors are waterproof to IP68 and are available with or without terminals to suit your application needs. We also supply brass, copper or stainless steel housings (with or without fixings) to provide robust sensors that can be used in numerous environmental conditions.

One of our latest innovations is the F-micro miniature thermistor sensor which was developed for use in medical applications, such as catheters. Utilising smaller and smaller FT thermistors, the F-micro can now be supplied in tubes as small as 0.28mm, with a time constant as fast as 20ms. With further innovation, ever smaller sensors will be available for future applications, allowing very accurate temperature measurement where it wasn’t previously possible.

For non-contact applications, our NC temperature sensor utilises the latest FT thermistor technology to sense infrared energy with a high signal strength.  In infrared sensing applications (e.g. ear thermometers) where a very fast thermal response is required, our thermopile sensors have a time constant of around 15 milliseconds!

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