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Thermal Cut-Outs

ATC Semitec stock a range of thermal cut-outs (TCOs) which protect your devices against abnormal operating conditions.  We offer a range of products from world leading manufacturers, PEPI and Asahi in either probe or disc formats.  They help to protect small appliances, large appliances, electric heaters and battery packs.

The typical application of a thermal cut-out is to keep a safe temperature below a particular threshold during abnormal operating conditions.  Also known as a thermal limiter or thermal switch, it normally opens at a high temperature during a fault condition and then resets when the product temperature falls to a safe level.

It therefore works as an over-heat protection device, and will be monitoring temperatures continuously under normal conditions, only operating when abnormal conditions arise.


Snap-action 1/2″ disc thermostats from ASAHI provide very reliable, thermal protection for domestic appliances and electronic circuits.  These thermal switches can be configured with wide differentials to provide over-temperature protection as thermal cut-outs or thermal limiters.

Automatic reset, manual reset and electrical self-hold options make this a very flexible range of disc thermostats. One-shot, single operation bimetal thermal fuses and S.P.D.T. versions with “change-over” contacts are also now available.


Thermal control and over-temperature protection is provided by a wide variety of PEPI thermal cut-outs including some of the smallest safety switches around.  PEPI thermal cut-outs mainly provide auto-reset protection but the PEPI J(S) offers superior self-hold protection for 120V and 230V operation.

The latest PEPI FCP and PEPI ST01 thermal protectors offer combined thermal/current overload protection and can readily switch up to 8A/250VAC or 12A/24VDC.

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