Special Thermostat Assemblies

To ease our customers’ manufacturing processes, ATC Semitec supplies a range of bespoke ‘special’ thermostat assemblies from our leading manufacturers EAW Asahi Keiki, PEPI and SEKI Controls.

Bespoke thermostats assemblies can save manufacturers time, effort and cost through the reduction in additional individual component costs, assembly or subcontracting, but ensures secure connections every time. Quite simply a ‘plug-and-play’.

Whilst temperature sensors using NTCs or RTDs are simple assemblies and are widely used within the industry– thermostats assemblies are less common and lend themselves to more bespoke solutions.

In their most simple form – stock of our most popular thermostats are available with various lead lengths and XPLE or bare wire leads.

However, if something more elaborate is required – we work with you to create the best suited thermostat assembly for your application and manufacturing processes – with choice of leads lengths, IP ratings, housings, gold plated contacts or a complete full-proof assembly of thermostat with thermal cut-outs.

As standard we can supply-

  • From EAW, we can offer IP64 rated thermostat assemblies from -10°C up to 220°C which are ½” disc button thermostats encapsulated in a plastic or metal housing. The disc thermostats are fitted with integral leads (and connectors where possible) and the housings then back-filled with epoxy to create a very secure IP64 sealed assembly.  Auto-reset thermal cut-out and electrical self-hold versions also available.
  • EAW also supply twin thermostat/thermal cut-out options with two thermostats in the same housing, ideal for space critical HVAC applications.
  • Asahi Keiki supply IP67 rated thermostat assemblies in the form of their US-628 control from 30°C to 130°C. The US-628s are UL approved and use a special housing to meet IP67 integrity.
  • PEPI’s wide series of bimetal probe-style thermostats can be supplied with integral lead-wires and back-filled sleeving to create a totally sealed control. PEPI’s unique designs with gold-plated contacts and ultra small differentials make them ideal for low-voltage control circuits, either as temperature controllers or as over-temperature devices.
  • SEKI Controls manufacture very small, plastic-cased thermal cut-outs from 50°C to 150°C which can be supplied with various lead-wire lengths to fit directly in to your application. These cut-outs can be fitted onto the surface they are monitoring and surface clips can be supplied to secure them in place.


Call us today on 01606 871680 or complete the Contact us form, to discuss your application’s thermal sensor requirements.  Using our extensive technical knowledge and innovative supplier base, we will work with you to provide the optimum solution for your product.

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  • EAW IP64 Thermostat Assemblies

    An IP64 rated thermostat assembly in a sealed package from EAW. Plastic or metal housings suitable for challenging HVAC environmental and industrial conditions. Various mounting and lead-wire options.

    • IP64 sealed thermostat assembly
    • Calibrations from -10°C to +220°C (T220)
    • Various mounting and lead-wire options
  • Dual Thermostat Thermal Cut-out Sensor
    EAW Dual Thermostat Assembly

    A dual thermostat & safety cut-out assembly in a single robust package from EAW. Metal housing suitable for challenging HVAC environmental and industrial conditions. M4 or M5 stud mount option.

    • Combined thermostat and safety cut-out/fuse
    • Calibrations from -10°C to +120°C (T120)
    • M4 or M5 stud mount options
  • ASAHI Pipe-Clip Thermostat Assembly

    The Asahi US-602 pipe-clip thermostat assembly allows a neat fit to 1/2″ diameter copper pipes.  Available with either a close-control temperature differential or a wide hysteresis for over-temperature safety.

    • Temperature range: 0°C to 150°C
    • Pipe surface temperature control or protection
    • Switches loads up to 10A/250VAC
  • High quality snap action bimetal disc thermostat. tight differential control. IP67 rating | ATC Semitec for advice and samples
    ASAHI US-628 Waterproof Thermostats

    ASAHI US-628 disc thermostats are encapsulated, waterproof versions with integral lead-wires.  They have an automatic reset function and are available with normally-open or normally-closed contacts.

    • IP67 rated drip-proof housing
    • Max operating temperature 130˚C
    • Loads up to 5A/250VAC