ATC Semitec stock a wide range of thermostats from several world leading, innovative manufacturers. Whether your application is sensing air temperature in the central heating or air conditioning market sector, or surface temperature sensing on heating elements in home appliances, we will have a product which to suit your needs.

Our leading brands include PEPI (Portage Electric Products Inc), Asahi, Matsuo and Campini who form a comprehensive range of thermostats each offering specific benefits.

PEPI thermostats provide accurate temperature control and thermal protection from 5°C to 200°C. With calibration tolerances of ±3K and temperature differentials as small as 10K (or even smaller in creep-action designs) a PEPI thermal switch offers the best control to cost ratio available.  Typical applications include rechargeable batteries, small appliances and electric heater control.

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Matsuo precision thermostats are superior, twin bi-metal, electro-mechanical temperature controllers offering excellent thermal control.  They are precision calibrated and are ideal as anti-condensation thermostats, anti-freeze controls or frost protection thermostats.

Asahi US-622 Snap Action 1/2" Disc Thermostat

1/2″ bi-metal disc thermostats from Asahi or EAW offer reliable and cost-effective temperature control and can be used for both surface and air sensing thermal switch applications. Automatic reset, manual reset and electrical self-hold options make this the most flexible range of disc thermostats available.

Campini adjustable thermostats complete our range.  They are widely used within the electric heating industry, various cooking appliances and small domestic appliances such as steam irons.

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