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Waterproof Temp Sensors

For simple and reliable solutions within general air sensing applications, ATC Semitec offer a wide range of epoxy coated NTC thermistors. Utilising our Semitec AP-2, AT-2. ET, NT-4 or SP series thermistors, we can offer you a wide range of R25 and B values, depending on your specification.

These fully encapsulated temperature probes offer either IP67 or IP68 waterproof protection, some of the highest rating available on the market. They can further be supplied with a variety of cable lengths up to 10 metres, and are available with or without terminals to suit your application needs.

Typical applications for air sensing  temperature probes include:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Solar and Underfloor Heating
  • General Air Sensing

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  • Semitec 103AT-11 IP67 NTC Temperature Sensors

    AT-11 thermistor sensors are TPE encapsulated and use our popular AT-2 NTC thermistors.

    • Temperature range: -50°C to +110°C
    • Fast-response to temperature change
    • Offers up to IP67 waterproof protection with 3.75kV isolation
  • IP68 rated probe thermistor sensor - ATC Semite
    IP68 Waterproof Temperature Sensors

    Where an even higher water-proof integrity is required, our IP68 temperature sensor probe ensure that water ingress will not be a problem.  Available fitted with NTC thermistors, Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 or SKTY elements.

    • Offers IP68 waterproof protection
    • Suitable for continuous use from -50°C/+110°C (125°C for short periods)
    • Double-insulated versions offer isolation up to 3.75kV.
  • Epoxy-Coated Temperature Sensors

    The NTC element is first soldered to lead-wires and then encapsulated in several layers of epoxy, providing a seal for environmental and mechanical protection.

    • Offers up to IP67 waterproof protection.
    • Temperature range: -50°C to +110°C (125°C)
    • Epoxy-coating Cable length: 50mm to 10 metres