Battery Protection Devices

ATC Semitec has a very long association with the rechargeable battery industry having provided PEPI thermostats, Semitec NTC thermistors, SEFUSE thermal fuses and Fuzetec PTC fuses for over 25 years.  PEPI C thermostats were first employed in early NiCad battery designs by major Japanese manufacturers for over-charge protection, then replaced to some extent by the smaller PEPI N, N-1, V and VA thermostats as NiMH battery cells shrank from size C to A, then to AA and AAA size.  These smaller more powerful NiMH cells demanded the use of even more safety devices with polymer PTC fuses, NTC thermistors and even thermal fuses being added to create ultra safe battery packs.  So whether battery designers are focussed on battery temperature control, over-charge protection or short-circuit safety, our technical sales team has long experience in supporting the design-in of these various protectors.

So we are well placed to assist battery designers with the new challenges faced when using batteries in e-mobility (e-bike, e-scooter and e-vehicle) applications.  The large underfloor battery modules in e-vehicles require even more precise temperature measurement and thermal control to optimise their life and vehicle travel time/distance, not to mention safety.  Driver’s range anxiety and the apparent time lost during battery recharging (even with current fast charge technology) makes managing the battery performance an absolute priority.  Safety implications are also another main priority and our STS2 series ring temperature sensors (available with up to 1000V isolation) are regularly used for battery temperature sensing and control.STS2 Ring Temperature Sensor - Surface-mounting thermistor sensor with M4 hole and integral lead-wires


Where space is a premium, our range of ultra thin and flexible JT series thermistors or miniature AEC-Q200 qualified SMD NTCs offer both high accuracy sensing (±0.5 deg.C precision or better) and a very neat solution to monitoring critical battery performance.  Within the BMS (Battery Management Systems), SMD NTCs help maintain workable ambients and the power Mosfets benefit from the protection of battery logic fuses such as our D6S Series from Schott Corporation.  These D6S logic fuses can currently handle up to 60 Amps with higher values up to 90 Amps now being developed. Sefuse D6SC



Semitec 103AT-11

Finally temperature monitoring within the vehicle or battery module can also be readily achieved with our 103AT-11 IP67 rated thermistor sensors or by using one of our bespoke temperature sensors specifically designed for this application.


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a quick summary of our range can be viewed here.ATC Semitec Battery Protection