Asahi US-625 Ceramic 1/2″Disc Thermostats

Asahi US-625 high-temperature ceramic 1/2″ snap-action disc thermostats can safely control heater designs upto 250°C.  The high quality ceramic body means you can readily switch loads up to 10A/250VAC without any concern of the body/terminal interface deteriorating over time.

The sensing mechanism is a thin, high-quality snap-action bimetal disc that is factory calibrated to the customer’s specification.  The bimetal disc inverts at its set-point and opens (or closes) a set of silver contacts, thus breaking (or making) the electrical circuit.  On cooling, the disc returns to its original shape thus re-making or breaking the electrical circuit.

Small differentials (within physical limitations) means the US-625 can be used in place of electronic control in low-cost domestic appliances.  They can also be used as over-temperature devices by using wide-differential bimetal discs to limit rapid cycling of the uncontrolled heating element.

The US-625 can be fitted with an array of different terminal types as well numerous mounting options.  So it can be used to monitor surface or air temperatures by using the different bracket types.  This makes it a flexible control that can be fine-tuned to control your application.



  • Office automation products
  • Coffee machines (including drip-coffee designs)
  • Domestic cooking appliances
  • Flexible heating elements
  • Commercial and domestic ovens
  • Electric heating elements


  • VDE and C-UL approvals
  • Calibration range: +10°C to +250°C
  • 10A/250VAC contact rating
  • Various mounting flanges
  • Different terminal types
  • Cut-out & one-shot fuse options
Ceramic 1/2