Asahi US-630 Thermostats

Asahi US-630 low-profile thermostats offer an insulated 6.1mm thick plastic case to help control slim heating elements and low-wattage domestic heaters.  The US-630 is designed around Asahi’s super-reliable 1/2″disc bimetal technology and can readily achieve 100,000 switch cycles at 4A/250VAC.

The US-630 thermostat is available with calibrations from 0°C to 120°C in steps of 5K.  Set-point tolerances are typically ±5K with a thermal differential of 10K (from 0°C~100°C) and 12K (from 100°C~120°C).  The US-630 is also available with normally-open contacts when a low-profile thermal switch is required.

For hazardous applications or those requiring a back-up thermal fuse, the US-630 can be supplied with an integral thermal fuse making a very neat solution.  The thermal fuse value should be chosen to compliment the thermostat set-point to give secure protection whilst avoiding nuisance tripping.

The US-630 should be mounted with the product markings face-up to maximise the sensitivity and can be supplied with two mounting holes to securely fix the thermostat in place.



  • Slimline electric heaters
  • Car seat heaters
  • Small household appliances
  • Personal care products
  • Flexible heater elements



  • 10K±5K differential offers precise control
  • Super-reliable snap-action contacts
  • Calibrations from 0°C to 120°C
  • 4A/250VAC 100k cycle life
  • UL/VDE approvals
  • Normally-open contact versions
Low-profile bimetal thermostats for controlling electric heating elements low profile thermostat. snap action